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Interagency Transfers

There are two processes for Interagency Transfers used to record financial activity between state agencies depending on whether the agency is paying or billing.

  • Paying an Interagency Invoice
  • Billing Another Agency

Each agency may only process transactions that increase cash of another agency. Therefore, the agency being charged must process the transfer document.   The billing agency must provide all necessary accounting information to the agency being charged so they can enter that information as part of a cash transfer. Following is a brief translation of some of the information you may be asked to provide:

  •  R24 ......Agency Code for Towson University
  •  03740 ...PCA - program/fund where cash transfer should go
  •  450 .......Transaction code required for processing transfer


Paying an Interagency Invoice

When an invoice is received from another State Agency, ( for example: another university, Department of Public Safety, Department of Environment, etc. ), do the following:
  • Apply a coding block just like an accounts payable invoice
  • Complete the coding block with your department or grant number and a 6-digit    expenditure account
  • Fill in the approved amount of payment
  • Obtain two authorized signatures
  • Submit the coded invoice to Financial Services (see contact information below). The Interagency Transfer will be processed through Accounts Payable to the State's R*Stars System.

Billing Another Agency

Billing another State Agency for goods or services rendered involves processing a 5-part one block Non-Departmental Invoice - except when the transfer involves a grant or contract.

To Obtain the forms: Stop by Room 329 in the Enrollment Services Building and ask for Non-Departmental Invoice Forms. The forms will be logged out under your signature.

There are three important pieces of information on the Non-Departmental Invoices:

  1. Interagency Accounting
    The following information is on the bottom of the Non-Departmental Invoice:
    •  R24 ......Agency Code for Towson University
    •  03740 ...PCA - program and fund where cash transfer should go
    •  450 .......Transaction code required for processing transfer
  1. Account Number

The random 7-digit number assigned by the Bursar's Office to represent the outside company or organization being charged.

  1. Invoices are processed in PeopleSoft Student Financials, summarized and interfaced to PeopleSoft Financials General Ledger.
  2. The amount is credited at that time to your department as revenue with the description SF INTmmddyy (Student Financials Interface)
  3. The Bursar's Office takes the responsibility of tracking the invoice and making sure that it is paid.
  1. Item Type

This is a 12-digit number assigned by the Bursar's Office. This number is the connection translating the invoice entry between the PeopleSoft Student System CS9 and the general ledger in PeopleSoft Financials System FS9.

Questions on interagency transfers should be directed to

Cathy Mattern in Financial Services

By phone: 410-704-5563 or e-mail cmattern@towson.edu






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