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Payment of Invoices/ Vouchers for Food Services

The State's General Accounting Division requires that all invoices for the purchase of food or catering, including business meals (IRS mandate) be supported by a list of individuals served, indicating their affiliation with the University/UMS/State (employee, visitor, paying guest, prospective student, etc.).

  1. The Food Service/Catered Event Attendee Attachment Form must accompany all invoices from University Dining Services or any invoice from the Marriott or other vendor supplying food or catering services.
    • For large groups, where obtaining names is impractical, only the names of University employees are required along with a summarization by type of other individuals served ( ie. 100 students and parents attending admissions open house ).
    • Invoices which do not include this supporting documentation are unacceptable to the State Comptroller's Office and will be returned to the department unpaid.
  2. If food service is a part of the cost of attending a conference, a copy of the conference brochure documenting this fact may substitute for the Food Service/Catered Event Attendee Attachment Form.
  3. All invoices from University Dining Services must be accompanied by a copy of the Special Function Order Form . This form is the signed contract for services between University Dining Services and the organization holding the function.





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