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Invoice Submission Check List

To prevent adversely affecting the University's delayed invoice rate and to assure prompt payment to vendors, all invoices must be coded, signed, and returned to Accounts Payable for processing within five days of receipt.

TIPS for handling invoices promptly:

  1. Use the VISA Procurement Card where accepted and for all qualifying purchases.
  2. Submit purchase requisitions to Procurement in advance for purchases over $5000.
  3. Have purchase order merchandise delivered directly to Central Receiving or call Receiving at 4- 2478 immediately if goods are delivered directly to your department or picked up by department staff. Purchase order related invoices cannot be paid unless receiving information is recorded in the system.
  4. Advise vendors to send invoices directly to Accounts Payable.
  5. Invoices received initially by Accounts Payable will be faxed to your department.
    • Code, sign, and fax them back to Accounts Payable immediately.
      • Fax# 410-704-4491
  6. For invoices mailed directly to your department from the vendor, apply date stamp, apply and complete a coding block, sign, and submit to Accounts Payable immediately.
      • Submit the invoice and one copy of the invoice to the Accounts Payable Office at 7720 York Road, 4th floor.
      • Invoices can be delivered:
        • via campus mail
        • or drop off in person at Admin. Bldg, 4th floor
  7. For disputed invoices, fully document any invoice dispute, note the reason for the dispute and the date of resolution on the invoice submitted to Accounts Payable for processing.
  8. Assign someone to backup the individual primarily responsible for processing and approving invoices so invoices do not lay in a mailbox when someone is out of the office.
  9. Retain a copy of the invoice for your department's record.
  10. If the invoice does not belong to your department, return/forward the invoice to Accounts Payable immediately.

Submission timeframe: Return invoices to Accounts Payable within five days of receipt. This tight timeframe is necessary to ensure compliance with the State Comptroller's Office requirement that invoices be processed and transmitted to the State for payment within 25 calendar days.

Direct Questions to the Financial Services Help Line 410-704-5599





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