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Purchase Order Invoicing

Requisitions and Purchase Orders go onto the departmental budgets as Open Commitments of funding set aside for goods and/or services being purchased for the department. When a Purchase Order is utilized to buy goods and/or services, the resulting invoice is processed differently than invoices from direct purchases.

The Purchase Order remains on the departmental budget with the encumbrance amount being reduced as each payment is made by Accounts Payable.

  • If the Purchase Order is a commodity order, the goods are usually shipped by the vendor to Central Receiving where the date of receipt is entered into the Purchasing System.
    • Invoices for commodity orders do not require department signatures. The Accounts Payable Office pays these invoices based on the 3-way match between the Invoice, the Purchase Order, and the System Receiving Date. It is essential that the Receiving Department is notified if a commodity order is shipped directly to the department.
    • If the department receives an invoice for a commodity order, it must be forwarded to Accounts Payable where it will be charged to the department as designated on the purchase order.
  • If the Purchase Order is a service order, the requisition/purchase order process is completed in advance with Procurement, the vendor performs the service and submits an invoice. The department verifies the service is satisfactory by signing the invoice.
    • Invoices for service orders require two authorized department signatures. The Accounts Payable Office pays these invoices based on the information provided on the coding block completed by the department.

Please Note: It is essential that the coding block specify partial versus final payments in order to reduce the encumbrance amount. Service contracts often "run out of money" because the amount of the contract is an estimate of funds needed for the length of the contract.

  • Each invoice paid reduces the amount of money left in the contract.
  • Once out of money, invoices cannot be processed until additional funds are added to the contract.
  • The department must contact the Procurement Office (410-704-2171) to request a 'change order' to add more money to the contract.

Please direct any questions on purchase order payments to the

Financial Services Help Line at 410-704-5599. .





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