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Purchase Order Invoicing

When a Purchase Order is utilized to buy goods and/or services,

  • See Purchase Requisition & Purchase Order Process
    The resulting invoices are processed differently than invoices resulting from direct purchases.   A purchase order invoice is processed according to what was purchased: 1) a commodity or 2) a service.
  1. Commodity Purchase Orders,
    • The goods are usually shipped by the vendor to Central Receiving.
    • Central Receiving enters receipt of the merchandise into the Purchasing System.
    • The goods are delivered to the department that placed the order.
    • Accounts Payable receives the invoice from the vendor and processes it for payment as long as a 3-way match exists:
      • the invoice
      • purchase order
      • system receiving data
    • The department does not need to sign a commodity invoice. However, if you receive an invoice, forward it to Accounts Payable.
    • The invoice will be charged to the department(s) as designated on the purchase order.
      • Notify Central Receiving (410-704-2478) immediately if merchandise is delivered to your office directly or picked up by a staff member.
  2. Service Purchase Orders,
    • The vendor performs the service and submits an invoice.
    • The department verifies that the service was performed satisfactorily, then codes, signs, and returns the invoice to Accounts Payble for processing.
      • Service contracts often "run out of money" because the amount of the contract is an estimate of funds needed for the length of the contract.
      • Each invoice paid reduces the amount of money left in the contract.
      • Once out of money, invoices cannot be processed until additional funds are added to the contract.
      • The department must contact the Procurement Office (410-704-2171) to request a 'change order' to add more money to the contract.

Please direct any questions on purchase order payments to the

Financial Services Help Line at 410-704-5599. .





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