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Who do I contact if I need more information or have questions about anything?

  • A broad range of contact phone numbers and web sites have been published at 'Who to Call Contacts'.  If you don't see what you need, call our Help Line at 4-5599.

Why is there a discrepancy between the Budget Overview and nVision Reporting?

  • This is a timing issue. When a journal is budget checked it shows in the Overview; however, it doesn't show in nVision until it is actually posted.


What are the year-end purchasing and purchase order guidelines?

  • The university's procurement office sets a series of deadlines based on dollar value.
    • The deadline for purchases over $100,000 will be early April
    • The deadline for purchases $25,000 - $100,000 will be late April
    • The deadline for purchases $5,000 - $25,000 will be in May
    • The deadline for purchases under $5,000 will be early June
  • Refer to Open Commitment Status for details on Requisitions, Purchase Order Invoices, and what you should know about monitoring your purchase orders.
  • Refer to Obligations for information on how to pay for certain purchase orders with last year's budget.


Are the "interdepartmental invoice forms" still being used or is there another procedure?

  • These requests should be submitted with an online journal along with an e-mail to the PeopleSoft Financials Team at psteam@towson.edu for the journal to be processed.
  • The 3-part forms can still be used. To obtain the forms call Financial Services 4-2190. The forms, in sequential number order, will be logged out to you.

Are there specific steps that I need to follow when processing Interdepartmental Invoices?

How do I become an authorized signer for my department?

  • If you are not authorized to sign invoices for your department and you should be, follow the link to the Authorized Signature Form. Fill out the required information, sign the form, have your department head sign the form, and forward the printed copy to Accounts Payable in Financial Services.

What is an Initiative? I see this field on the ProCard reallocation screen. Should I be using it?

  • An Initiative is a PeopleSoft Chartfield that allows you to do additional tracking of your transactions. The Initiative value will show on your nVision report and allows you to sort/group transactions. More information can be found on our Hot Topics page Announcements.

I missed the ProCard System reallocation deadline. What do I do now?

  • It is very important to the university's budgeting system that all transactions be in the correct category.  Therefore, there are other methods available to you.  You can use the Spreadsheet Upload process; or if you have a limited number of reallocations, contact the PSTeam for assistance at ProCard@towson.edu

I need to reallocate my procurement card transaction to a speedtype that is not in my list of speedtypes.  What do I do?

  • The security setup in the ProCard System allows transactions to be reallocated only between your own department numbers or grants.  If one of your numbers is not showing in your list, contact ProCard@towson.edu and it will be added for you.
  • For any amounts to be charged to another division/department/area, standard methods of transfer are still available. For example:
    • Use an Interdepartmental Invoice
    • Use the Spreadsheet Upload process
    • Contact the PSTeam, who may be able to move it for you with written permission from the other area.

Have you previously signed up to view your pay stubs on-line at the Payroll Online Service Center (POSC) but have forgotten your logon ID or Password?

  • Recovering your logon ID and resetting your password is a two part process. To find the instructions, Click here.

Source is a field encountered in Journal entries. The Spreadsheet Upload function does not provide a drop-down box of choices. Is there a definitive list of Sources?

  • Yes. This is the Journal Source and it serves two primary functions. It identifies the originating department or area; and, it determines whether the transaction is interfaced to R*Stars. It may also be used as search criteria in reporting.  See Listing of Journal Sources.

Can student employees get Federal Work Study Money for summer sessions?

  • Yes. Students must apply for Federal Work Study money through the Financial Aid Office and accept the award once offered. The Federal Work Study award begins at the onset of the new fiscal year (July 1) and ends on 6/30 if the award has been accepted and a 311T Form  'Special Payments Payroll Authorization' for Federal Work Study has been submitted to the Payroll Office.


    If a current student is scheduled to graduate in May and they are currently receiving Federal Work Study monies, Federal Work Study ceases the moment they graduate.  They can work through the summer but the department would have to hire them as a regular student by submitting a ‘Special Payment Payroll Authorization Form (yellow). Then, once school comes back into session they could no longer be employed as a student.

When hiring a student under Federal Work Study, how do I look up or determine what charge code to insert on the 311t form?

  • The Federal Work Study charge codes are assigned by Division.  See a list of Divisions and the associated codes at: Federal Work Study Coding

What do I need to do to get a new department number set up?

  • First, criteria for a new department must be met.

  • Second, go to our forms directory and scroll down to PeopleSoft Financials request forms.  Select the form for the type of department you are requesting (state funded or self or agency funded). Fill out the form, get all appropriate signatures and forward the completed form to Ella Watts in Financial Services.


In the Journal Upload Process, is there a definitive resource that can be referenced when we have issues with editing, correcting and saving journals?


What is the meaning of the 3-letter prefix codes on the nVision reports?

  • DPL - Departmental Profit & Loss in HTML format
  • DAT -  Department All Transactions; this is an Excel Workbook containing 6 reports
    • Profit & Loss
    • Revenue & Expense Transactions
    • Budget Transactions
    • Student Financials Detail Transactions
    • Purchase Order Balances
    • Requisition Balances
  • DEN - Department Encumbrances; this is an Excel Workbook containing 5 reports
    • Purchase Order Encumbrance Balances
    • Purchase Order Line Encumbrance Balances
    • Encumbrance Transactions
    • Requisition Pre-Encumbrance Balances
    • Pre-Encumbrance Transactions
  • DPR - Department Payroll; this is an Excel workbook containing 4 reports
    • Payroll Transaction Detail
    • Payroll by Employee and Date
    • Payroll by Account and Employee
    • Payroll by Employee and Month
  • F - Fund Balance for non-state support department or grant
  • P - Project/Grant Profit & Loss






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