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Use of Procurement Card versus Invoices Submitted to Accounts Payable

Please assist us in reducing unnecessary paperwork by using the procurement card! The Procurement Department and Accounts Payable are working together to reduce the number of invoices submitted for payment. By doing so, the vendor will be paid within three days rather than the 15 - 20 days it takes to pay an invoice and the costly steps of processing invoices through Annapolis are easily eliminated!

The procurement card is the most efficient way to make small dollar purchases. As a public institution, we must adhere to the policies established by the Maryland Board of Public Works (BPW). BPW Advisory No. 1998-1, Corporate Purchasing Card (CPC) - Mandatory Use, requires us to use the CPC or procurement card for delegated purchases. The only allowable exception is when the supplier does not accept the corporate procurement card. Because the University System of Maryland has a delegated threshold of $5,000, the campus should use the procurement card for purchases up to this amount. You may view the BPA Advisory in its entirety at

If purchasing goods from a vendor who accepts the procurement card, please use your procurement card to make the purchase. If you do not have a procurement card, ask a cardholder in your department to make the purchase on your behalf. To find out more about the procurement card program, contact the Procurement Department at 4-3492 or visit the website at

Should you have any questions about invoices, please contact the Financial Services Help Line at or extension 4-5599.