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Reimbursable Mileage Expenses


See Below for Information on Personal Vehicles, University Vehicles, Rental Cars, and Insurance


Personal Vehicles: Properly insured personal vehicles may be used for travel on university business. The use of a personal vehicle will be reimbursed in accordance with the current officially approved rate. The chart below details mileage rates along with effective dates. If you have any questions, please call the Travel Office at 410-704-5421.

TU Mileage Log How to Submit a Monthly Mileage Reimbursement Log
Mileage Allowance
Effective Dates
57.5 cents per mile January 01, 2015
56.0 cents per mile January 01, 2014

Obtain driving directions and calculate driving distances from:

www.maps.yahoo.com or www.travelmath.com

Reimbursable Mileage Calculation:

An employee's daily commute miles are not reimbursable per State Regulations.  Therefore, commute miles must be deducted from the total miles claimed, for each trip, with the following exceptions:

  • The trip starts and ends at the regular work location.
  • The trip starts and/or ends on a non-duty day.
  • See PDF document: Example of Mileage Calculation
  • Supporting documentation for mileage must be attached to the reimbursement request.


University Vehicles: Transportation Services has a fleet of vehicles available to employees on a first-come first-served basis. A vehicle may be rented for university business only.

  • Reserve a vehicle by completing a Transportation Request Form.
    Contact (410) 704-2493 to obtain form. Return completed form to Transportation Services.
  • Each vehicle comes with gasoline credit cards, roadside assistance card, and a State of Maryland toll booklet.
  • Rental charges for university vehicles are charged directly to the traveler's department budget by Transportation Services.


Rental CarsMay be obtained directly from rental car vendors or through travel agencies.

  • Lease the least expensive vehicle that will accommodate the trip's requirement.
  • Car Rental Coverage Collision Damage Waiver (CDW/LDW) is only reimbursable for car rentals outside the United States; or when a non-employee is renting a car on university business. Maryland is self-insured; therefore, CDW/LDW is not reimbursable for employees renting cars in the United States.
  • Reimbursement for rental cars obtained by the traveler directly from a rental car company (not through Transportation Services or paid by invoice) should be claimed on the request for reimbursement..
  • The university has a contract with Budget-Rent-A-Car. Travelers are encouraged to take advantage of the corporate discount by renting a Budget-Rent-A-Car through Transportation Services. 
  • Costs of rental cars arranged through Transportation Services are charged directly to the traveler's department budget by Transportation Services and should not be included on the request for reimbursement.


Insurance: Employees who drive state vehicles, rented vehicles or their privately owned vehicle for state business may want to refer to the Department of Environmental Health & Safety's (EHS) Web site for Insurance Information regarding collision damage coverage, personal liability and other insurance considerations.


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