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Payment Options for Travel Expenses

The following information presents six different options that can be used to pay for business travel expenses.  If you need assistance, contact the Travel Office at travel@towson.edu.

  1. VISA Procurement Card - limited
  2. Business Travel Office Credit Card
  3. Individual Business Travel Card Program
  4. Personal Funds Use
  5. Advance from Business Travel Office
  6. Invoice from Vendor

During a typical business trip, a traveler may use multiple payment options.

1.  VISA Procurement Card - limited to registration fees

While the University's Individual Business Travel Card is the preferred method for payment of travel expenses, the VISA Procurement Card can be used to pay for registration fees. The VISA Card cannot be used to pay for other travel expenses such as Airlines, Hotels, or Restaurants. These vendor categories are blocked and the transaction will be rejected.

2.  Business Travel Office Credit Card

The Business Travel Office can assist with many travel purchases where credit card payments are accepted.  All required travel authorizations must be completed before assistance/appointments may be requested. To request a Business Travel Office payment for hotels, please contact the hotel to make your reservation.  Then request the hotel send a quote, along with a credit card authorization form to Travel@Towson.edu and the travel office will complete the payment. For all other travel items, such as Airfare, Rail, Rental Car, or Registration, travelers should make an appointment to use the Business Travel Office Support Station.

3.  Individual Business Travel Card Program

  • The University offers an individual travel credit card through BMO Financial Group's Diners Club Mastercard to all Towson University faculty and staff business travelers.  This optional program offers a means for simplifying travel record keeping and paying most travel costs.
  • Features of the Individual Business Travel Card Program include:
    • Individual Card: An individual credit card issued in the employee's name and billed to the employee's address.
    • Strip Billing:   Airfare, Train fare, and baggage fees charged to the card will be "strip-billed" directly to the university and charged to the cardholder's designated department. Only a "memo item" reference to the charge will appear on the cardholder's statement.
    • Extra thirty (30) days to pay: The cardholder is personally liable for payment and has an additional time period to make payment of current charges, up to thirty (30) days from the due date printed on the statement the charges first occurred.
    • Insurance: Comprehensive travel insurance that includes up to $500K of travel accident insurance, Rental Car Collision and Loss Damage, and Excess, Lost or Stolen Baggage Insurance

To obtain an application form for the Diners Club MasterCard, contact the Business Travel Office at Travel@towson.edu.


4. Personal Funds Use

Travelers are encouraged to use personal funds to pay for nominal travel costs associated with day trips. Employees are reimbursed for travel expenses after the trip is completed and a request for reimbursement is received by the Business Travel Office. Traveler will be reimbursed in one of the following ways:

  • Travel expenses of $100 or less (Petty Cash) are reviewed and then paid in cash or by check.
    • Pick up at the Payroll Office Service Window in the Administration Building, 4th floor. Or,
    • Pick up at the Bursar's Office Payment and Rebate Check Disbursement Center in the Enrollment Services Building, Room 336.
    • Check mailed to employee's home address from State Treasurer's Office in Annapolis.
  • Travel expenses over $100 are reviewed and submitted for payment to the Maryland State Comptroller's Office.
    • If the traveler receives payroll funds by direct deposit, the expense reimbursement will be received through direct deposit. The process takes 2 - 3 weeks.
    • Or, the reimbursement check will be printed and mailed to the employee's home address from the Maryland State Treasurer's Office in Annapolis, Maryland.

5.  Advance from Business Travel Office

The University has limited funds available to assist University travelers who would like to request an advance before traveling. Advances are generally limited to money to pay for meals, ground transportation, tolls, and parking. Important guidelines when requesting an advance:

  • Travel advances may only be extended to Towson University employees. Towson University students may also qualify for small advances to support meal per diems while on research travel status.
  • Travelers who obtain advances must return any unused portion of advance monies to the Business Travel Office within three (3) business days of the return date of their trip.
  • Unused monies must be returned to the Business Travel Office in the form of cash or personal check made payable to Towson University. Checks returned for insufficient funds are subject to a $50.00 returned check fee.
  • Travelers must also complete and submit the appropriate settlement documents with the Business Travel Office within seven (7) days of their trip return date.
  • When completing a Tiger Travel e-form, travelers should select "personal funds" as the payment method option.  Advances are temporary loans to University travelers to support their personal funds resources.


6.  Invoice From Vendor


Some vendors will agree to invoice the University for travel related expenses such as registration, training fees, lodging, or transportation expenses.

  • Invoices should be coded, signed, and forwarded to Business Travel for processing.


If you need assistance, contact Travel@towson.edu.

Business Travel Office Service Counter Hours:

  Monday afternoons, 1 to 4 pm

  Tuesday & Wednesday, full day, 8:30 am to 4 pm

  Thursday & Friday mornings, 8:30 am to 12:30 pm


Petty Cash Service Counter Hours (Payroll Office):

  Monday & Tuesday afternoons, 1pm to 4pm

  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday mornings, 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

   Note: Please wait to receive an email pick up notice before arriving at a petty cash counter.


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