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Business Travel Card Program

Who is eligible to participate in Towson University’s business travel card program? Any Towson University faculty or staff member, full or part time, regular or contingent, is eligible to apply for a travel card. Student employees are not eligible at this time.

Which company provides credit card services to Towson University’s business travel card program? Towson University’s Business Travel Office currently works with Bank of Montreal’s BMO Financial Group Diners Club MasterCard Corporate Travel Card.

How do I request my travel card? Application packets are obtained by contacting the Business Travel Office or the Financial Services Help Line by phone at 410-704-5599, option 1, or by e-mail: finservehelp@towson.edu.

  • Departmental approval is required on page two of the application form. The second approval signature is reserved for the Travel Card Program Administrator.
  • Complete the application form and return it in person, not electronically, to the Business Travel Office located on the 4th floor of the Administration Building.
  • You will receive your card at the home address indicated on your application. Allow 10-14 business days for processing. Urgent card deliver can occur within 72 hours, with a $36.00 over-night delivery fee.

How will this application impact my credit history? This application process will not appear on your credit history, and will not build or determine credit worthiness, as it is a sponsored credit card program. CAUTION: If you fail to pay your statement within 90 days of the statement due date, negative comments WILL begin to appear on your credit history as a delinquent account. These comments are placed by Bank of Montreal, and you would have to work directly with them to resolve delinquent accounts.

Once I receive my card, what do I do if a vendor does not accept my travel card? Double check you are advising your vendor that your travel card is a MasterCard. If you are selecting a card type during an on-line purchase transaction, make sure you are selecting MasterCard as your credit card option.
If the vendor does not accept credit card payments, request the vendor make arrangements to invoice the University. Please contact the Financial Services Help Line, (410) 704-5599, if further assistance is needed.

What is the difference between my travel card and the VISA Procurement Card? Your travel card is for your individual business travel expenses only. Airfare, rail and most baggage handling fees charged to this card are billed directly to the University and all other expenses are billed to the home address of the cardholder. If you are an Athletic coach, airfare, rail and handling fees will not be strip-billed.

The VISA Procurement Card’s primary use is to buy goods and services for the University (except those that are travel related such as airlines, hotels, and restaurants); and is billed directly to the State of Maryland where the University, not the cardholder, pays the bill.

Can I use my travel card to pay for registration fees for conferences/training etc? Travelers should use the VISA Procurement Card for registration fees (an educational expense) whenever possible. If credit cards are not accepted, then the traveler should request an invoice be sent to Accounts Payable. Please be aware you will only be reimbursed for your business travel expenses AFTER the conclusion of your trip. Depending on how far in advance you register, using your travel card for registration fees could result in not being reimbursed for this expense until long after your statement payment will be due.

What type of expenses can I charge to my travel card? Your travel card is intended to assist you in paying for your business travel expenses only. Allowable travel expenses include airfare, ground transportation, parking, lodging and meals. Please be aware that all over night travel requires an approved Travel Authorization Form be on file in Financial Services prior to making any purchases using your travel card. Do not use your travel card for personal or non-TU business expenses.

My family member is accompanying me on my business trip. Can I charge airfare for this person to my travel card? Since this would be a personal expense, travel expenses for a family member should not be charged to your travel card.

Can I charge someone else’s business travel expenses on my travel card? Vendors will allow this, but this practice is NOT recommended because the travel accident, rental car & lost luggage insurances tied to the Diners MasterCard ONLY applies to the cardholder and not to others whose expenses are charged to the card. If you are sponsoring student travel or group travel, please contact the Financial Services Help Line at 410-704-5599 to discuss other payment options.

Will Towson University pay my travel card bill? The cardholder is responsible for paying the balance due on their travel card statement.

Unless you are coaching an athletic program, major transportation expenses such as airfare, rail, and most baggage handling fees purchased using your travel card will appear under the heading “Memo” and are “strip-billed” from your account and charged directly to the University. Because of this feature, be sure you have completed a Travel Authorization Form for each of your over-night trips before you make any purchases regarding the trip with your travel card.

All other business expense types (registration fees, restaurant, hotel, etc.) will appear under the heading “Purchases” and are your responsibility, as the cardholder, and should be paid directly to BMO Financial Diners Club MasterCard.

Can I manage purchasing information and make payments on my travel card account on-line? Yes! Once you have received your credit card, visit www.dinersclubus.com for more information about setting up your account access and password for managing your travel card on-line. Diners Club MasterCard’s statement closing date is around the 22nd of each month.

How do I receive paper statements instead? As of August 2014, Paper statements will incur a $3.00/month handling fee. If you select paper statements on your application, or change your selection to paper statements on-line, you, the cardholder are responsible for this expense. Statements close on the 22nd of each month and are placed in the mail a day or so after each closing date.

How & when am I reimbursed for my business travel expenses charged to my travel card so I can pay my statement? Upon return from your trip, file for reimbursement of ALL Towson University business travel/trip related expenses along with receipts to document expenses claimed.

Assuming documents and receipts are in good order; the Working Fund will process your voucher and issue you a reimbursement check within 7-10 business days from the day the travel office receives your voucher. You will be contacted via email when your check is available for pickup.

I have used a travel agent to book my airfare and their service fee is appearing on my bill. How am I reimbursed? Include the fee as part of your reimbursement request.

What if there is a mistake on my travel card bill? Contact a Customer Service Representative at Diners Club MasterCard (1-800-2Diners) as soon as you can for assistance. Please also notify the program administrator, Cyndi Zile, at 410-704-2622.

When do I have to pay my travel card bill? You are strongly encouraged to pay by the due date on your statement. However, because the card is sponsored by Towson University, you do have up to 30 days from the billing statement date to pay without penalties or late fees.

What happens if I am late paying my travel card bill? If the bill has not been paid within the 30-day floating period from the billing statement due date, your account is then considered delinquent. A non-reimbursable late fee and interest penalties on the outstanding balance will be assessed for each 30-day period the balance remains outstanding. Late fees and penalties are the responsibility of the cardholder and are non-reimbursable items.

What if my employment at Towson University has ended? Your travel card account must be cancelled upon separation from the University. Please contact Towson University’s program administrator, Cyndi Zile, in Financial Services at 410-704-2622 who will notify Diners MasterCard to cancel your card. Then you can destroy your travel card for your own security.

What do I do if my travel credit card is lost or stolen? Notify Diners Club MasterCard immediately by calling 1-800-2DINERS to cancel your card and request a new card be re-issued.

Then, please notify the TU travel credit card program administrator, Cyndi Zile, in Financial Services by calling 410-704-2622. This way we can monitor for invalid charges being strip-billed to the University as well.

Whom do I call if I have any other questions regarding my travel card or University business travel in general? Many resources are available to assist you with all your business travel questions.


  • No Annual Fee
  • No Interest Accrual
  • +30 Days Payment Extension

Airfare, Train, Taxi, etc. Strip Billing
Except for Coach’s cards, advanced purchases of airfare, train, most baggage handling fees, etc. costs will be centrally billed to the University. THEREFORE, ONLY TOWSON UNIVERSITY BUSINESS RELATED TRANSPORTATION COSTS SHOULD BE CHARGED TO THIS CARD.

Global Acceptance
The BMO Financial Group Diners Club MasterCard Corporate Travel Card IS a MasterCard and is accepted worldwide, wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Comprehensive Travel insurance
Travel Accident Insurance up to $500,000 Automatic full-value primary Car Rental Collision, Loss and Damage Insurance

30 Day Float
The cardholder has up to 30 days from the due date of the billing statement to pay without any penalties or late fees






Step(s) to Take
Planning the Trip

Estimate travel costs: transportation, lodging, meals, registration fees, mileage, parking, etc

Obtaining Approval

File the Travel Authorization Form 20 days prior to trip. Form is not required for day trips.

Making Arrangements

Travelers may elect to use a travel agency to assist in making airline and lodging reservations. Ask what fee will be charged for a ticket purchase. And, ask if a service fee will be charged (research) if ticket not purchased.


Save all receipts: airline tickets, boarding passes, lodging, car rental, tolls, parking, registration, etc.

Obtaining Reimbursement

Submit a Travel Expense Voucher Form and all documentation, in duplicate, to the Business Travel Office (within 5 days of return if an advance was received.


If you need assistance, call the Financial Services Help Line: 410-704-5599





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