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What Changed with the PeopleSoft Financials 9.1 Upgrade


  • Different menu structure - Slight difference in look and feel
  • Multiple attachments for Requisitions
  • Entering Requisitions

  • Accounts Payable Voucher & Invoice Look up Feature


The following are announcements or links to documentation that have been published to the campus as changes and/or enhancements are made to different systems or functions that directly affect users:

Enhancements to PeopleSoft nVision Reporting:


Initiative Value Enhancement to the ProCard Reallocation & Reconciliation System:

  • The ProCard System has been modified to accomodate the use of the PeopleSoft Initiative chartfield value.  With transactions as of March 2012, the Initiative value can be applied to transactions in the system and will carry forward to the nVision reports.
  • Clicking to apply an Initiative value presents you with a drop down box from which you may select an Initiative to use to separate transactions into self defined categories.
  • Applying an Initiative value is NOT required, you may reallocate your transactions as usual.
  • However, if you wish to use the Initiative value, you MUST apply it BEFORE you do a transaction reallocation.
  • If you do the reallocation first, trying to add an Initiative will give you the following message:
    • “Transaction has already been reallocated. You cannot edit or apply an Initiative value”
  • If you reallocate a transaction between several departments and/or accounts, the Initiative value that you selected will follow each part of the reallocation.
  • Applying the Initiative value is separate from doing the reallocation in order to allow you to apply an Initiative without doing a reallocation. If the two functions were combined, you would only be able to apply Initiatives to those transactions that were being reallocated because the system is programmed to prevent reallocations to and from the same place - dept/account combo.
  • Initiative values are not restricted by department. You have the flexibility to define the Initiative according to your own purpose.


Enhancement to the PeopleSoft On-Line Chart of Accounts:

  • The name of the budget contact person is now showing on the on-line chart of accounts in the field that has been re-named from 'responsible person' to 'budget contact'.  If a specific contact person has not been assigned, you may see the statement "N/A at this time" in this field. http://inside.towson.edu/financialserv/chartofaccounts.vFS2/coamain.cfm


Financial Services

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Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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Financial Services Help Line: 410-704-5599

Email: finservehelp@towson.edu or psteam@towson.edu





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