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On-Campus Work Authorization Only

There are unique working restrictions allowing international students to work only on-campus for a maximum of 20 hours per week during fall and spring semester or full-time (40 hours) during summer and semester breaks.  For more information, review the employment information provided by the International Student and Scholar Office. 

Other Necessary Requirements to Process Your On-Campus Employment

1. Social Security Number.  You must have a Social Security Number before we can enter your job into the payroll system per State of Maryland procedures.

2.  Form I-9 (Work Authorization).  You must also demonstrate you have completed Form I-9 in the Office of Human Resources before we can set an appointment with you to conduct your tax analysis.  This is a requirement of all student employees which ensures that you have shown proper work authorization documentation, as required for all employees per federal regulations.

3.  Request Appointment by Email.  After you have completed Step 1 & 2 above, e-mail nratax@towson.edu to request an appointment.  The appointment is necessary in order to ensure staff has enough time to process your tax file, which typically takes about twenty minutes to complete. 

4.  Glacier.  A record will be set up in our secure web-accessed tax analysis software Glacier.  Individuals will receive an e-mail with login directions from support@online-tax.net.  Please complete your record to the best of your ability (edits can be made by staff if necessary).  Print out your Tax Summary Sheet and bring required immigration documentation.

Awards & Scholarships

If you are an international student in F1 or J1 status, and you receive additional payments from Towson University which do not require a service, such as working, then such payments may be identified as a scholarship (for studies) or fellowship (for research). 

International athletes often receive scholarships which pay for qualified tuition, fees and books.  They may also receive additional funding to pay for housing and meals - which are considered non-qualified payments - and are taxable at 14% unless a tax treaty applies.

The NRA Tax Office analyzes such payments either through scholarship reporting and/or receiving forms to process certain payments.  If you have been identified by our office as having a taxable scholarship, we will contact you to ensure you complete a tax file and we withhold and report the correct amount of tax depending on the type of payment.

Tax Return Filing

All students in F1 or J1 immigration status (whether they worked or not) are required to complete a Form 8843 each year by June 15. 

We collaborate with the International Student & Scholar Office in providing tax return filing workshops beginning in late March and early April.  For more information about filing a federal tax return see  Foreign Students & Scholars Filing Requirements.

2015 Tax Return Filing Requirements

Federal Tax Return

If a student worked in 2014 and earned less than $3,950 and did not have any federal tax withheld, they are not required to file a tax return.  If federal tax was withheld, they may want to file a return in order to receive a refund.

For any student who earned more than $3,950 in 2014, they are required to file a federal tax return.

Maryland Tax Return

For students who are single, under 65 and earned less than $10,150 and no Maryland taxes were withheld, are not required to file a state tax return. 

If state tax was withheld, they may wan to file a return in order to receive a refund.


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Univ. of Utah's Tax Terms

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