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On-Campus Student Employment

As a student interested in working on-campus, there are a number of steps to complete to become hired and paid by Towson University.  This includes:

What if I am an International Student?

If you are an international student - more information is available on the International Students webpage.

Which Forms do I need to Bring and/or Complete at Human Resources?

  • Bring Student Employee Hiring Form - Make sure it's complete & signed by your supervisor
  • Bring proof of identification and work authorization documents
  • Complete Form I-9 - must be done in person at Office of Human Resources
  • Complete Tax Residency Status form - complete at Office of Human Resources and keep copy

Which Forms do I need to Bring and/or Complete at Student Financial Services?

  • Student Employee Hiring Form (see above)
  • Tax Residency Status form (see above)
  • Form W-4 - For directions on how to complete this form review this orientation 
  • Direct Deposit Form - if you want your paycheck to go directly into your bank account

Where Do I Submit my On-Campus Employment Paperwork?

After completing the required paperwork in the Office of Human Resources, Administration Building, 1st floor, you can submit all the paperwork in-person to the Student Financial Services Office, located on the 4th floor of the Administration Building

What Happens When I Submit my Paperwork?

Once a student has submitted all the required paperwork, we enter the pertinent information for that job into the payroll system.  This also creates an electronic time sheet, which both a student and his or her supervisor must complete and approve every two weeks in order to get paid.

When Will Student Financial Services Contact Me?

Our office is also responsible for a number of compliance items and works closely with the Career Center, International Student and Scholar Office and Office of Human Resources to assist departments and students with federal, state and TU hiring policies and procedures.  If we are either missing information to process your job and/or find there may be a compliance issue, either our office or the Payroll Office may contact you.

FICA/Medicare Exemptions

Salary or wage payments made to US Citizens, Permanent Resident Aliens, resident aliens for tax purposes and nonresident aliens are subject to FICA/Medicare tax unless one of the following exemptions applies.

Nonresident Alien Exemption [Treasury Regulation § 1.3121(b)(19)]

The nonresident alien exemption applies to a foreign national who is:

    • A nonresident alien for tax purposes.
    • Present in the U. S. under an F, J. M, or Q visa.
    • Performing services in accordance with the primary purpose of the visa’s issuance (the primary holder of the visa, -1).

For students who are NRAs for tax purposes, credit load is not a factor.  The spouse and dependent children of the primary visa holder are not eligible for this exemption.

Student Exemption [Treasury Regulation § 1.3121(b)(10)]

The student exemption applies to those who work for the institution at which he/she is enrolled and regularly attends classes.

This rule applies only during times when a student is taking a minimum of 6 credit hours.  Towson University applies the NRA exemption first. In the year in which an individual becomes a resident alien for tax purposes, the University begins withholding FICA and Medicare on January 1st unless the student exemption applies. If you believe FICA/Medicare has been withheld in error, you should contact the Payroll Office to request a refund.


Financial Services

Administration Building,

7720 York Road, 4th Floor

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Financial Services Fax Number 410-704-4910

Phone: 410-704-5599 option 1

Email: sfs@towson.edu


Tax Resources

Form W-4/MW 507

Withholding Forms

W-4 Instructions



Getting Paid Checklist

Timesheet Instructions

On-campus Work Study

Off-campus Work Study

Other Payroll Forms

Address Change Form

Approval Group Change Form

• Direct Deposit Form

• Job Separation Form

Pay Rate Change Form





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