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Checklist for Processing an Employee Separation

Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Upon receipt of written notification of an employee's termination of employment/intent to leave, complete an Employee Separation Form and forward it to the Office of Human Resources with the original copy of the employee's resignation letter. In the event that the separation is a result of the employee's death (whether while actively employed or on leave of absence), the supervisor is to contact the Office of Human Resources as soon as he/she is notified.
  • Collect University/Departmental property from departing employee, as applicable:

    • Keys - building, classrooms, office, elevator, storeroom, desk, file cabinets, storage cabinets, lockers, equipment keys, vehicles
    • University or Departmental Identification Cards (Departments should destroy the Onecard by cutting the card in half across the magnetic strip on the back.)
    • Tools
    • Uniforms
    • ProCard
    • Telephone Calling Cards
    • Office Equipment (e.g., computers, laptop computers, calculators, etc.)
    • Office Supplies
    • Manuals and Books
    • University books, supplies, and materials on loan
    • Pagers, Telephones, Walkie-Talkies, Cellular Phones
    • Name Badges
    • Parking Permit and Gate Card (The employee should contact Parking Services to ask if they are entitled to a refund.)
  • Review departing employee's work assignments and collect any applicable confidential and work-related information or materials.
  • Approve the departing employee's FINAL TIME SHEET. VERIFY accuracy of the total number of hours actually worked during the employee's final pay period. The employee must work on the last day of employment. Leave cannot be used for the last day of employment.
  • If applicable, delete any signature templates from computer systems; destroy signature stamps related to the departing employee; and notify appropriate departments of employee's termination of signatory authority (Finance, Human Resources, Payroll, etc.)
  • Cancel employee access to financial, academic, administrative, payroll, etc. accounts (for assistance, contact the administrator of the system directly; examples of systems include FRS, Purchasing, and SIS accounts.
  • Reset telephone voice mail messages and passwords. (For assistance, contact the OTS Help Center at 45151 or helpcenter@towson.edu)
  • Disable email accounts and have messages forwarded to an active account within the department. (For assistance, contact the OTS Help Center at 45151 or helpcenter@towson.edu)
  • Notify the separating employee's regular contacts of the staffing change and provide the new and/or interim contact's information.
  • Contact the Office of Human Resources to discuss staffing strategies and needs, if applicable.







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