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  •  Advanced Connections: Moving quality service beyond the basics. (includes Leader's Guide and Participant Book, 3-tape video series)

    The Advanced Connections! program, including the video series, leader's guide and workbook focuses on advanced service skills, teamwork, problem prevention, and many other topics that will help you and your campus move to a higher level of service excellence.

    • Building a Service Future © USA Group Noel-Levitz, Inc. (25:40)
    • Polishing Daily Service Skills © USA Group Noel-Levitz, Inc. (25:32)
    • Meeting Service Challenges © USA Group Noel-Levitz, Inc. (25:30)
  •  Seven Danger Zones for Supervisors. (includes Training Guide and CD-ROM, 7-tape  video series on Employment Law Training)

    Seven Danger Zones for Supervisors is hosted and moderated by nationally recognized employment attorney John B. Phillips, Jr. In this video series, Phillip uses his popular roundtable discussion format, fielding questions from actual supervisors and front-line managers for stimulating give-and-take. Best of all, he uses the language of real-world everyday conversation, not confusing language.

    • Hiring Video I. © M. Lee Smith Publishers LLC. (15:18)
    • Evaluations Video II. © M. Lee Smith Publishers LLC. (18:05)
    • Documentation Video III. © M. Lee Smith Publishers LLC. (13:20)
    • Firing Video IV. © M. Lee Smith Publishers LLC. (14:50)
    • Workplace Harassment V. © M. Lee Smith Publishers LLC. (22:45)
    • Discrimination Video VI. © M. Lee Smith Publishers LLC. (15:10)
    • Workplace Violence Video VII. © M. Lee Smith Publishers LLC. (14:40)
  • FISH video series(includes Facilitator Guides and Playbooks)
    • FISH! © MCMXCVIII ChartHouse Learning Corporation (18:00)

      FISH! is a film about real people. It is a way of life. It's a set of simple interconnected principles that everyone can tailor to their own life and work to help create a positive difference in relationships and within themselves. FISH! reminds us of the possibilities we can create in our own lives. It gets people on the same page and creates a common ground for understanding.

    • FISH! Sticks. © MCMXCIX ChartHouse Learning Corporation (17:00)
  • This film focuses on creating a positive, engaging environment and keeping the energy and enthusiasm alive within your organizational vision. FISH! Sticks.


  • After All, You're the Supervisor! CRM Learning. (includes Leader's Guide and Participant Workbook)

    This training program clearly addresses effective supervision, teaching new and seasoned supervisors how to reach for, and achieve greater success using ten learning objectives.

    • Tape #1: 20:41
    • Tape #2, Discussion Segments, 17:58
  • Courageous Followers, Courageous Leaders: New Relationships for a Changing Workplace. CRM Learning. (22:30) (includes Leader's Guide)

    This video shows how team leaders and team members can successfully interact to achieve shared goals and the four dimensions of follwership. In The Courageous Follower, we dramatize both the sensitivities and the redeeming skills in business, government and educational settings - showing the unique pressures facing team leaders, the redefinition of "followers", and the new standards of relationship between followers and leaders that can truly advance shared goals.

  • The Curse of the Vanishing Employees: How to Retain and Motivate Great Workers. CRM Learning. (19:11) (includes Leader's Guide)

    This video shows five ways individual supervisors and managers can make the difference between employees staying ... and vanishing: Being available for problem-solving, supporting individual growth through new challenges, finding out what motivates each individual, providing coachng and discipline to keep motivation high, and remaining flexible when employees need to balance work and family.

  • Effective Communication-It’s Your Responsibility. LearnCom. © Business Advantage, Inc. (32:00)

    This video introduces four leading causes of miscommunication and tells you how to detach yourself from them by using a breakdown of verbal tools, the words you express during communication; vocal tools, your tone of inflection; and physical tools, the body language or gesturing necessary for achieving successful communication. Viewers will also pinpoint six responsibilities you must undertake to perfect the art of "two-way street" listening and to become part of the communication process - not just a sounding board.

  • Emotional Intelligence. CRM Learning. (includes Leader's Guide, PowerPoint presentation, and Participant Workbook)

    Emotional Intelligence shows how forward-looking organizations are accessing the power of emotions to create better, more productive teams and team members. This video program also offers an awareness of the five EI competencies that will help them be more successful at work.

    • Tape #1: 28:00
    • Tape #2, Discussion Segments, 11:30
  • Encouraging the Heart. CRM Learning. (19:50) (includes Leader's Guide)

    This video featuring best-selling authors James M. Kouses and Barry Z. Posner, shows leaders how they can find their voice and their hearts and, through caring and courage, mobilize people to personal and organizational greatness. Encouraging the Heart is filled with practical ideas for helping others believe in themselves, celebrate their uniqueness, and discover their own value.

  • Mastering Leadership. HRD Press, Incorporated, 1999. (38:00) (includes Facilitator's guide and Participant Workbook)

    This video specifically defines leadership and identifies the critical leadership actions necessary to create energy in others. It also addresses the importance of leadership, issues directly related to leadership and two important misconceptions about leadership.

  • Meeting Robbers. CRM Learning. (21:06) (includes Leader's Guide)

    This amusing CRM video shows the seven most-wanted robbers at work. Their aliases: Show-off, Abuser, Assignment Misser, Rambler, Whisperer, Super-Seller, and Meeting Leader. Viewers can see them all here in a cross-functional meeting that loses 35 hours of company time before the Meeting Leader himself is arrested and learns how to make meetings theft-proof. Meeting Robbers shows how to identify and arrest Meeting Robbers and how to make meetings pay-off.

  • The Power Dead-Even Rule-and other gender differences in the workplace. CorVision Media. © Cynosure Productions, LTD., 1995 (36:00)

    The purpose of the "Power Dead-Even Rule" program is to promote the best possible communication between men and women in the workplace. As we move between male and female cultures, we sometimes have to change how we behave (we need to "speak" the language of the other gender) if we hope to make people understand what we want from them in any given situation.

  • Speaking Effectively…To One or One Thousand. CRM Learning. (24:00) (includes Leader's Guide)

    Host Steve Landesberg of Barney Miller fame introduces a series of vignettes comparing nervous, ineffective speakers with successful ones. Viewers learn the four main components of public speaking - Mental, Visual, Vocal, Verbal - and how the proper use of each one makes the speaker comfortable and effective before any audience.

  • Teamwork In Crisis: The Miracle of Flight 232. CRM Learning. (includes Leader's Guide and Participant Workbook)

    This exceptional training program illustrates five elements of teamwork that will strengthen teams on a daily basis, so that they are better prepared for the unexpected. These insights are shared by Captain Al Haynes, who explores the extraordinary teamwork involved in the miraculous landing of a severely disabled jet. This video also utilizes interviews with Haynes and others to illustrate how skills in five areas can be brought together to achieve a significant team goal, even against the odds.

    • Tape #1: 30:52
    • Tape #2, Discussion Segments, 9:30


  •  Shackleton: The Greatest Survival Story of all Time. 3-DVD series starring Kenneth Branagh. © A&E Television Networks, 2002. (200:00)

    Based on the detailed diaries and the first-person accounts of expedition members, Shackleton tells the true story of their extraordinary ordeal, and the death-defying 800-mile journey in an open boat across the world's worst seas that made their rescue possible.











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