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April 2014

Leadership and Change (lead_01_a07_bs_enus)

[1.5 hours]

This elearning course is an elective for the Leadership Certificate.

Take a minute to think of people whom you consider to be exemplary leaders--people who led their organizations to greatness. What are the events or actions that led you to believe these leaders were exemplary? Was it the development of a new product, the revival of a failing business, or perhaps the start-up of an entrepreneurial venture? People who become leaders are individuals who triumph during times of turbulence, conflict, and change. They look for ways to change the status quo, to challenge the accepted, and to create something new.

You can learn to do the same. A knowledge of how to challenge processes, a realization of the attitudes and behaviors that accompany change, and a willingness to do the necessary work is all it takes. You can learn about each of these areas in this course, which will teach you how to lead through change.


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