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Email Options for Departments, Organizations and Classes

There are a variety of email (and calendaring) options available for departments, organizations and classes.

The options available for each type of group include:

  • Departments, Faculty/Staff Organizations and Faculty/Staff/Student Employee Team Projects
    • Email Alias
    • Maildrop
    • Public Folder
    • Exchange Distribution List
    • TU Email List Service
    • Exchange Shared Resources
  • Student Organizations
    • Email Alias
    • TU Email List Service
  • Classes
    • LearnOnline
    • TU Email List Service

Each option is described below.



Email Aliases



The most basic option available is to set up an "email alias," which is an email forward. For example, the ABC Organization might want to use abcorg@towson.edu as an alias. The alias can forward messages to a single individual or multiple recipients. However, the recipients cannot send messages from the email alias.

This option is available for departments, faculty/staff organizations and student organizations. To request an alias, please call 410-704-5151 with the desired email address and list of recipients. Student organizations must first contact the Student Government Association to obtain approval.




A "maildrop" is a unique Exchange email account and inbox that allows a designated list of members to view mail that has been sent to it, as well as send mail on behalf of the account. For example, staff and faculty members may email requests for service to the HelpCenter@towson.edu maildrop. Any member of the Help Center maildrop group will be able to review and respond to the request.  Additionally, Help Center maildrop members may send emails directly from HelpCenter@towson.edu instead of their own email accounts. Maildrops can be accessed directly from Microsoft Outlook, or from the web via Outlook Web Access.

This option is available for departments, faculty/staff organizations and project teams composed of faculty and staff. To request a maildrop, please contact the OTS Help Center with the desired email address, list of faculty and/or staff who will need access, the owner of the maildrop and the desired name of the maildrop to appear in Outlook's Global Address List.

The following is a knowledgebase article on using the maildrop

Public Folders



Some departments share tasks, emails and appointments. Public folders allow groups members to view and use a shared Outlook Calendar, Task list, messages or documents and a discussion board that is separate from each member’s individual Outlook account.  The organization’s folder will appear in the Outlook Folder List under Public Folders.  The “owners” of the folder determine the level of accessibility granted to each member and to the public.

This option is available for departments, faculty/staff organizations and project teams composed of faculty and staff.

The following is a knowledgebase article on using the public folders




Learn Online is a web-based community used by Towson faculty, staff and students.  To use Learn Online, also called Blackboard, you must have a Towson user account and be a registered member or faculty member of a class available through Blackboard.  Learn Online supports email, distribution lists, discussion boards, online chat, and file exchanges and is used for delivering and sharing course-related information.

Access LearnOnline here:

For more information on LearnOnline, see OTS Self-Help Training Documents, send an email to blackboard@towson.edu, or contact the Center for Instructional Advancement and Technology.

Exchange Distribution Lists



Exchange distribution lists allow an individual to send mail to a single email address whose name appears in the Global Address List in Outlook; that email message gets delivered to all of the recipients in the list. While Exchange distribution lists are similar to email aliases (described above), they differ in the following two ways:

  • Exchange distribution lists will show up in the Global Address List (unlike aliases)
  • Only Exchange recipients can be members of an Exchange distribution list (faculty/staff only, no student accounts)

This option is available for departments, faculty/staff organizations and project teams composed of faculty and staff. To request an Exchange distribution list, contact the OTS Help Center with the desired email address, list name and list of recipients.

Towson University E-mail List Service



TU Email Lists are similar to Exchange distribution lists except for the following:

  • Recipient list can include any amount of any type of email address (Exchange, Student, & non-Towson accounts)
  • Can be configured to allow the list owner(s) to modify the subscription list and other configurable settings on their own
  • All list email addresses are of the form listname@lists.towson.edu

Important information for subscribers and owners of TU Email List Service Lists:

This option is available for faculty, staff, and student organizations. To request your own list, you will need to provide the following information to the OTS Help Center:

  • The requested list email address. It must be in the form listname@lists.towson.edu
  • A short phrase or description of the list
  • An optional longer description
  • Type of list - Announcement (only owners can send to the list) or Discussion (any subscribers can send to the list)
  • One or more list owners

 Exchange Shared Resources



Shared resources are items such as conference rooms and projectors that have been added to the Exchange environment. These resources appear in the Global Address List, and are set up to have a shared calendar. To book a resource, invite it to a meeting. The resource will automatically accept the invitation if not already booked for that time period. Shared resources have one or more "Owners" who are responsible for setting permissions so that the resource can be booked by appropriate faculty and staff.

This option is available to faculty and staff only. To request that a conference room or piece of hardware be included as a shared resource, contact the OTS Help Center with the name, type, and location of the resource as well as who should have "Owner" permissions.


 Class Roster Distribution Lists

Class roster email lists are generated automatically based on enrollment in a particular course. You must have a student email account to receive email to the class roster. You may email to the class roster from a Towson address, or an off campus email address.





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