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Account Storage Capacity and System Limits

Faculty and staff with computing accounts have been allocated a certain amount of storage space; this allocation is called a "quota."

Managing your email and files is an important part of effectively using your computing account. It ensures that your computing account remains usable and active.

For example, if you were to save every email message that you receive on the computer system, you would eventually fill that space, and then all messages sent to you would be returned to the sender as "undeliverable." You could easily delete old messages, or archive any potentially useful old messages to a separate file.

The H: drive is the preferred location for faculty and staff to store data and email archives since it is backed up and will not be lost in case of a hard drive failure in your PC. The H: drive can store up to 5 GB of information, which are easily accessible through the Virtual Workspace.

All accounts on Towson systems come with a limit on the amount of information that can be stored on them. If you find that you are not able to receive email, send email or store any more files on your account, then most likely you have exceeded your disk quota. In that case, please call 410-704-5151.

The default quotas on common computing systems at Towson University are as follows:

Please note that all sizes are given in MB, or megabytes; a megabyte is 1000 KB, or kilobytes. An average Microsoft Word document is approximately 200 KB (or 0.2 MB), while an average email message (without any attachments) is approximately 20 KB.



  • email: 30 GB and continuing to increase (Webmail Powered by Google)
  • combined Web page and file space: 1 GB






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