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This page will assist you with:
  • contacting the Help Center if you have forgotten the password for one of your accounts
  • changing the password for one of your accounts

Getting a Password Reset

If you forgot the password for one of your accounts (TowsonU, Saber or TOA), there are several ways to get it reset:

  1. Come to the OTS Help Center with your Towson ID, and we will reset it for you.
  2. Call the Help Center (410-704-5151) to reset the password over the phone. We will request your social security number and birthdate and perform the password reset.
  3. Use the Reset Your TowsonU Account Password online self service tool.


Changing Your Password

To change your TowsonU password:

Please bear in mind that your Exchange (Outlook) account uses your TowsonU password, so you should be using the same password when logging onto your computer as when checking your mail.

Your TowsonU password has to follow these password restrictions:

  • three of four different types of characters need to be used; uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols
  • passwords must be at least 8 characters

For example, "Towson2002University" would be a valid password, since it has an uppercase letter, lowercase letters and a number, and is over eight characters long.

You will be prompted to change your password every 90 days. You must use at least five unique passwords before you are allowed to repeat one, and passwords may not be changed incrementally (which means you can't replace TUtigers1 with TUtigers2). Users have two options for changing their TowsonU/Exchange password:

  • Change the password through Windows .
    • If using Windows 2000 , simply hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete and click on the Change Password button.
    • If using Windows 95/98 , go to the Start menu, click on Settings, and click on Control Panel. Open the Passwords applet, and click on the Change Other Passwords button. Select Microsoft Networking and click Change. You will now be prompted to change your password. Enter your old password and new password. Click OK and your password will be changed.

To change your TOA (Information Systems) password:

  • Log into your TOA account, and from the main menu, select the option which will allow you to set your password (usually option number 01).
  • A prompt will appear asking for your old password. Type in your current TOA password, and hit <Enter>.
  • A prompt will then appear asking you for a new password. Type this in and hit <Enter>.
  • A second prompt will ask you to type in the new password again for verification; type in your new password and hit <Enter>.
  • Once you are returned to the main menu, your new password will be set.






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