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Student Accounts

Students currently enrolled at Towson University are entitled to computing accounts.

These computing accounts provide you with the following:

  • email, calendar, tasks and cloud storage (Webmail Powered by Google)
  • web page (on the Tiger UNIX server)
  • individual network file storage space; available as Drive H in all campus computer labs and via WebDisk through any web browser
  • access to Towson Online Services (personal and academic information system)
  • Computer Science and Computer Information Systems students receive access to the Triton UNIX server for programming purposes

You should receive information on activating your account once you have confirmed enrollment and paid your tuition. If you do not receive this information, please contact Student Computing Services.


Student Email and Calendar Services

On the Webmail Powered by Google service students can:

  • read and send email
  • view and edit calendars

This Webmail Powered by Google is entirely Web-based, so it can be accessed from any location and any computer or device.

Towson faculty and staff will use your Towson University email address to correspond with you. Consequently, it is important that your check your TU mailbox frequently. 


Student Employee Accounts

Student employees at Towson University can receive additional computing access to facilitate interaction with faculty and staff. Student employees may receive all of the benefits of regular student computing accounts, plus student employee supervisors can request any of the following for student staff:

  • email and shared calendaring on the Microsoft Exchange service. (It's important for student employees to understand that if they receive an Exchange email account, new email will be delivered to two locations and it may be necessary to set up forwarding.)
  • access to a limited area of a (or an entire) departmental shared network file storage space ("O" drive)
  • access to edit specific group Web areas (for Web sites with a group of administrators)

Student employees should contact their supervisor if they feel they need any of the above access. Supervisors can contact the OTS Faculty/Staff Help Center to request the access.


Accessing an Exchange Mailbox

Student employees may receive an email mailbox on the Microsoft Exchange service. This account is separate from the Webmail Powered by Google mailbox which every student receives. Student employees will continue to use the same username and password they use for their regular student computing account. Not all student employees will receive an Exchange mailbox.

If a student employee has been given an Exchange mailbox, he/she can access it in three ways:

  • Use Microsoft Outlook when on-campus. Microsoft Outlook is the default email application used on campus by student employees to manage email and shared calendars. Training sessions and self-help documents for using Outlook's many features are available through OTS Training.
  • Use Outlook Web Access (http://outlook.towson.edu) when off-campus. This presents a simplified interface and may not have all the desired features of Microsoft Outlook.
  • Use Virtual Workspace (http://vw.towson.edu) when off-campus to get access to Microsoft Outlook.

Student employees receive the same default quota on the email system as faculty and staff, so it is important to manage email messages and attachments carefully. Learn about your quota by visiting the Checking and Managing Your Quota page.

Managing Two Separate Mailboxes

Those student employees who receive Exchange mailboxes will have two separate mailboxes:

  • a Webmail Powered by Google mailbox
  • an Exchange mailbox

By default, email messages will be split between the two mailboxes: mail from other students and from non-TU senders will go to the studentís Webmail Powered by Google mailbox. Mail from official university addresses, faculty/staff, and other student employees will go to the studentís Exchange mailbox.

Students can choose to set up their email so that all messages are kept within only one of their mailboxes:

All mail sits in the Webmail Powered by Google mailbox:

Students can configure their Webmail mailbox to download mail automatically from their Exchange mailbox on a regular basis using the Mail Fetcher settings in Webmail: http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=21289. The procedure requires some information so that Google can connect to the Exchange mailbox (such as server name and port number); that information is available at https://www.towson.edu/knowledgecenter/article.aspx?article=656. When configuring mail to be downloaded, you will probably want to set it to "Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server." Since "POP" access is disabled on all Exchange mailboxes by default, you must contact OTS to request that POP be enabled.

All mail sits in the Exchange mailbox:

Students can forward all mail that goes to their Webmail mailbox to their Exchange mailbox. Instructions for setting up forwarding are available in the Student Employee document on the OTS Training Self-Help Documents site: http://www.towson.edu/adminfinance/ots/Training/documentation/WebmailPoweredByGoogle/WPGstudentemps.pdf.





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