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Planned Outages

Occasional planned outages for server upgrades, maintenance, critical patches, etc., will be scheduled during the OTS Sunday Maintenance Window and will be announced in the Daily Digest and Blackboard on the Wednesday prior to the expected outage. In the rare event of a server failure, OTS on-call personnel will be notified and all updates on the outage will be posted in the OTS Alerts.

Server Data Backups

Backups of the published recording will be made daily through regular OTS backups. Occasional or regular full systems backup schedules will be identified and published as soon as they are available.

DMC Storage Policy

To ensure that resources are optimized, content owners will receive a maintenance email at the conclusion of the semester. The email will ask content owners to identify course folders that can be archived or that they intend to reuse. Instructions on how to download presentations recorded during the semester will also be provided.

During the three-year inactive/archive period, content owners can request to have copies of their recordings burned to a DVD. Such requests must be submitted in writing and will require three-to-seven business days for archived digital files to be retrieved.


Content owners needing to maintain copies of archived course folders beyond the five year period should contact OTS to discuss storage options. Without a written request for extension, archived instructional content will be permanently deleted from the server

Content owners wishing to archive course folders or individual recordings; retrieve archived course recordings; or make optional storage arrangements should forward the following information to DMC@towson.edu :

  • Name of instructor/presenter
  • Semester and year of course
  • Hegis code and name of course
  • A brief statement regarding your request








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