Hardware Upgrades and Repairs

Installation and Repair Costs


If you need to have an upgrade (such as more memory or a larger hard drive installed), you have two options:

  • OTS can order and install the upgrade.
    Please contact the
    Faculty/Staff Help Center and indicate the make and model of the computer and what you need to upgrade. The Help Center will also require a budget code for your department. We will call you back if a charge needs to be made to the department and the cost of the upgrade. OTS may need to examine your computer to determine the required parts.

  • You can provide the parts and OTS can install the upgrade.
    For example, to upgrade the memory of the computer, you could buy the memory and OTS would install the memory. CAUTION: Be careful in ordering upgrades since some replacement parts require knowledge of the internal computer components and configuration. Please contact the
    Faculty/Staff Help Center and indicate what needs to be installed, and on what type of computer the upgrade is being performed. The Help Center will also need a budget code in case any charges are necessary for labor. If a charge is necessary, OTS will first contact the client/department to verify that the charge is approved.
  • Faculty/Staff Help Center

Please remember:

  • Purchases over $2500 require a Purchase Order.
  • Computers repair requests will have a higher priority than computer upgrade requests.
  • Please contact the Faculty/Staff Help Center if you are having a problem receiving service.

Please see the information on current Installation and Repair Costs .


If you are experiencing a hardware problem with your computer or printer, please contact the Faculty/Staff Help Center. Be ready with the following information when you call:

  • your name
  • department
  • location (building and room number)
  • phone number
  • departmental budget code (Before any charges are incurred, OTS will contact you to confirm that charges are approved.)
  • contact person if you are not available
  • type of equipment experiencing a problem
  • serial number (not the Towson tag number)
  • any error messages or symptoms you've observed

When you give this information to a OTS Help Center Specialist, they may first attempt some basic troubleshooting to see if the problem can be resolved over the phone. If it cannot be resolved, the Help Center Specialist will log the service request and refer it to a Field Support staff member. Once the technician has completed service, he/she will leave a call ticket indicating the nature/extent of the work completed.

Please see the information on current Installation and Repair Costs .





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