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Maryland Enterprise Education Consortium (MEEC) Software Distribution and Support

MEEC is a contract the allows Maryland educational institutions to purchase Microsoft products at a discounted price.

At Towson University, MEEC software is distributed to all TU faculty and staff members for use on their office computers. Faculty and staff also have the option, through the MEEC "Work at Home" licensing agreement, to purchase many MEEC software titles at significantly discounted prices for home use. MEEC software is not available for TU students to purchase at this time.

Changes to MEEC Agreement, Effective July 1, 2004

Effective July 1, 2004, the University Store now handles all MEEC "Work at Home" purchases. Faculty and staff should now purchase the software through the University Store rather than the Office of Technology Services' Help Center. Please refer to the University Store's Web page for titles available for purchase, purchasing procedures and pricing information.

OTS will continue to distribute MEEC software for faculty and staff office computers, as well as support these applications.

Microsoft Office 2003 Installation

Although OTS does not provide full support for Microsoft Office 2003 software distributed by the University Store through the "Work at Home" agreement, it does provide installation instructions. If you have a problem with your CD media, have a question about the basic installation instructions, or need assistance with basic Office 2003 functions, please contact the Help Center, 410-704-5151 or helpcenter@towson.edu.

MEEC Software Distribution and Installation for Campus Use

For on-campus faculty and staff, MEEC software is either already installed on your new office computer or distributed via our Systems Management Server (SMS). If you are not already logging onto the TowsonU network, you will first need to be set up on this in order to receive the software package(s) across the network.

Support for MEEC Software

All Microsoft Office 2000-based applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, FrontPage, and Outlook) and Office 2001 for Macintosh are supported by OTS. OTS will provide help with installing the software and providing software training and support in answering questions. Full support is not available for other Office 2000 applications, Offce XP, Office X for Macintosh nor the Visual Studio Professional suites. These other software packages are available, but the individual must perform their own software installation.

All software covered under the MEEC agreement include:

  • Desktop Suites:

    • Microsoft Office XP Professional (Windows): Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage

    • Microsoft Office 2000 Premium (Windows): Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage, Publisher and PhotoDraw

    • Microsoft Office 97 Professional (Windows): Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Access

    • Microsoft Office X (Macintosh): Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Entourage
      (NOTE: Microsoft does not have a version of Access for Macintosh. Outlook for Macintosh is available free for download from Microsoft's site .)

    • Microsoft Office 2001 (Macintosh): Word, Excel, PowerPoint
      (NOTE: Microsoft does not have a version of Access for Macintosh. Outlook for Macintosh is available free for download from Microsoft's site .)

    • Microsoft Office 98 (Macintosh): Word, Excel, PowerPoint
      (NOTE: Microsoft does not have a version of Access for Macintosh. Outlook for Macintosh is available free for download from Microsoft's site .)

  • Operating System (OS) Upgrades (32-bit):

    • Windows 95

    • Windows 98

    • Windows NT

    • Windows 2000
      IMPORTANT NOTE: OS upgrades are not licensed for at home use! Only Towson University-owned computers are eligible for OS upgrades. Also, the licensing does not cover new purchases, such as when buying a new system; you must also purchase a license for the operating system.

  • Web Browser:

    • Internet Explorer (Windows & Macintosh), any version

  • Web Development:

    • FrontPage XP (Windows)

    • FrontPage 2000 (Windows)

    • FrontPage 98 (Windows)

    • FrontPage 1.0 (Macintosh)

  • Developer's Tools:

    • Visual Studio .NET Professional (Windows): Visual Basic.NET, Visual C#.NET, ASP.NET

    • Visual Studio Professional (Windows): Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual FoxPro, Visual J++ and Visual InterDev

  • BackOffice Client Access Licenses:

    • Exchange

    • Prox

    • SNA

    • SQL

    • Site

    • SMS

    • Windows NT ( NOTE: Under the agreement the client access licenses are covered, but you still need to order the server license through the academic price list. )

Other Products:

This contract also covers a wide variety of products that may be purchased at a discount:

  • Microsoft Server products

  • Microsoft Press products

  • Microsoft Press Resource Kits

  • Microsoft media and documentation

These products are NOT available for personal, at-home use. Purchases must be made using a University Procurement Card or a Towson University Purchase Order. If you are interested in purchasing this non-standard software at a discount, visit Bell Education's MEEC Support Site for titles and pricing. When you are ready, please contact Bell Education directly to make your purchase. (There is contact information on their Web site.) All standard MEEC software for faculty and staff office use is distributed by OTS.

Licensing Agreement Forms

The following links are to Adobe Acrobat documents; you will need Acrobat Reader version 4 to read them. (Note: We strongly recommend you upgrade to Acrobat Reader version 4 to view these documents. If you are using Acrobat Reader version 3 you may receive some errors when trying to open them. If you ignore the errors you will still be able to read the documents.) The Acrobat Reader software is available on our Software Downloads page.

NOTE: To save the documents to disk instead of opening them, right-click the link and select "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..." on a Windows PC. Macintosh users should hold down Option while clicking the link.


If you are a campus lab manager or a non-OTS technical support person, you will need to sign the following form before acquiring MEEC software:

If you have any problems downloading or viewing these documents, please contact the OTS Help Center for assistance.

Minimum System Requirements

Microsoft advertises recommendations for the software covered under the MEEC agreement, but these are the absolute minimum system requirements, as if the given software was the only software to be used.

Since most, if not all, campus users need to run more than one application at a time, OTS has designed the following minimum requirements for university-owned systems running Microsoft MEEC-licensed software.

Product Processor / Operating System Memory Free space
Office XP Professional Pentium III
Windows 98 SE

64 MB for Windows 98/ME/NT4

128 MB for Windows 2000/XP

250 MB
Office 2000 Premium

Pentium 120
Windows 98

32 MB Base Applications 350 MB
Publisher +175 MB
PhotoDraw +100 MB
Office X for Macintosh 300 MHz or faster (G3 or higher)
Mac OS 10.1
128 MB 200 MB
Office 2001 for Macintosh PowerPC 120
Mac OS 8.6
32 MB 250 MB
Visual Studio .NET

Pentium III
Windows NT4, 2000 or XP
(Windows 95/98/ME not supported)

160 MB for Windows XP

128 MB for Windows NT4/2000

2.5 GB (2500 MB)
Visual Studio 6
Pentium 120
Windows 98
64 MB 850 - 1150 MB

If you have questions or concerns about these requirements, please contact the OTS Help Center at 410-704-5151 or helpcenter@towson.edu.





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