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Crystal Reports and Crystal Enterprise

Crystal Reports, owned by Business Objects, is a high-end reporting software package, which allows report developers to create highly formatted, interactive and professional-looking reports. One of the advantages of this powerful software is that it allows a developer to create simple or very complex reports, which can be exported to a commonly used format (e.g., PDF and Excel, Microsoft Word, etc.). The Office of Technology Services is currently distributing Crystal Reports 9. 

Crystal Enterprise is a Web-based report distribution system. After a report developer has uploaded a Crystal report to Crystal Enterprise, reporters can view and schedule reports from a Web browser, without the need for Crystal Reports to be installed on their local PC.

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Crystal Licensing, Purchasing and Costs

Crystal Reports is available through OTS and is solely distributed as a tool for end users to access specific and secure database applications (e.g., PeopleSoft data). Both Crystal Reports and Crystal Enterprise are meant to serve a specific business need and distribution is restricted. Departments requesting access will incur licensing costs as outlined below. See the Yearly Fee Schedule below.

In addition to the licensing requirements, the report developers and reporters must have an active Oracle account to access PeopleSoft data for reporting. To request an Oracle account, contact the OTS Help Center at 4-5151.


Transferring a Crystal license

You may request that an individual’s license be transferred to another person within your department. In this case, you do not need to purchase a new license, simply contact OTS to make the request.

You may also “release” a developer or reporter license if you find there is no longer a need for the software. These released license(s) can then be transferred (as above), or returned to OTS.


Yearly fee schedule for Crystal Reports and Crystal Enterprise

The following fees are subject to change. Contact the Office of Technology Services for current pricing.

    • initial report licenses: $265 each for the first year; $89.25 per year thereafter.
    • initial developer licenses: $620 each for the first year; $168.25 per year thereafter.

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Crystal Support

The Office of Technology Services is committed to providing the necessary training in the Crystal environment for users with a Crystal license and appropriate data access. Scheduled Crystal training will be provided periodically, however, if necessary, the user may request a one-on-one session. Training is available to the campus community free of charge.

OTS Staff members are also available to assist you in developing or troubleshooting your report(s).

The Knowledge Base on the Business Objects Web site ( is also a good source of information for reporting issues.

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Training and Support Documentation

The following documents are provided for your convenience.

PeopleSoft Query:

Running PeopleSoft Queries (PDF)

Crystal Reports:

User’s Guide (PDF)  

What’s New in Crystal 9 (PDF)

Crystal Enterprise:

Getting Started  (PDF)

Using ePortfolio (PDF)

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Requesting Oracle Access

To request Oracle access, use the Account/Data Access Request form. A license is not required for Oracle access. You will be provided with the necessary ODBC drivers, which will allow you to use Microsoft Access to create tables, reports, labels, etc. against the PeopleSoft data. This form is for faculty and staff use only. Students who need an Oracle account for class purposes should contact Student Computing Services at x4-5151.

Requesting Crystal Reports Software and CONNX/ODBC Data Access

To request a Crystal Reports installation or Crystal Enterprise account, use the Account/Data Access Request form, completing all relevant items. A license is required.

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Request PeopleSoft Query Access

If you do not have PeopleSoft access, you must request an account using the Account/Data Access Request form in the TU Forms Repository.

If you already have a PeopleSoft account, the following document is available to assist you in using PeopleSoft Query:

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What is the difference between a Crystal “developer” and a Crystal “reporter?"

A Crystal “developer”

  • must purchase a developer’s license
  • must have Crystal Reports and Crystal Enterprise software installed and have appropriate database access
  • can create new and modify existing reports
  • can save and remove reports from private and public folders
  • can schedule and distribute reports to constituents

A Crystal “reporter”

  • must purchase a reporter’s license
  • must have Web access
  • can schedule and view existing reports


How do I…


How do I change or reset my Oracle password?

Your Oracle password expires every 90 days. It is recommended that each time you are prompted to change your TowsonU password, that you also change your Oracle password, using the appropriate Oracle guidelines.

To change or reset your Oracle password, go to --> Computing and Technology --> Change Your TowsonU Password. Select "To change your Oracle password for "RPT" or "PRD"... Click Here" for data sources SA8PRD and SA8RPT.

NOTE: If you attempt to connect unsuccessfully to Oracle three times, your Oracle account will be locked and you must reset your password using the password utility.


How do I change my CONNX password when my D7PC account changes?

CONNX is a software package which allows connectivity between the FRS legacy system and database reporting software. To have your CONNX password reset, contact the OTS Help Center, x4-5151 and provide your D7PC account username.

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