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Click Here for the Virtual Tour of Campus Technology Equipped Classrooms

OTS provides classroom technology planning and design services and manages classroom renovation and renewal services provided by contractors. The Virtual Tour link above includes pictures and information on over 400 classrooms on campus.

Classroom Technology Support

Becoming knowledgeable in advance and knowing how to find and use your resources is your most powerful support tool. By investing an hour going through the resources provided on this page you will be able to solve many common problems.

But things do happen. For additional help, look for signs or instructions posted near the instructor's podium. These instructions include a telephone number to call for assistance. In many classrooms, that number will be 410-704-TECH (4-8324). In others, it may be a number within the college or department.

If a problem can’t be resolved by phone, OTS may be able to assist with ground support when able, or will report problems to the technology person responsible for the particular room. However, please keep in mind we do not have a rapid-deployment guarantee at TU. Faculty should always have a “Plan B” if the technology doesn’t work.

Click here for more support information.


Classroom Technology and Support Guide

A comprehensive guide covers over 59 common issues encountered in classrooms. Click here to view the online version of the guide. Click here for a printable PDF version of the guide for reference or training.


Instructional Videos

Click here or on the image below for a full list of instructional videos that cover a variety of topics including Panopto, connecting to the wireless network, and reporting problems with a classroom.


   Getting Started in a Classroom

Classroom Tips and Best Practices

This guide provides information on best practices and tips on how to get the most out of teaching in a classroom. Click here to view the guide.

Classroom Alarm Quick Reference

Classrooms are equipped with audible alarms that are monitored by the Towson University Police Department. If the alarm sounds during class, please call the TU Police Department at 410-704-2133 and explain its an equipment alarm going off.


Preventative Maintenance for Classroom Projectors

Twice-a-year preventative maintenance for classroom projectors (filter cleaning and aging lamp replacement) will be done in August and January and will continue annually. The objective is to ensure projectors are in optimal working order prior to the spring and fall semester and to identify and replace aging lamps to reduce the chances of burning out during classes.

Services will be provided by our on-call contractor. Multiple work crews will perform a building-by-building, campus-wide sweep. OTS CCLT staff will coordinate and supervise the work and communicate with college and departments regarding scheduling and access.

Note: Instructional spaces only will be covered with the preventative maintenance program; conference rooms and other non-instructional space will be serviced based on need.

Classroom Planning

OTS provides planning, design and purchasing assistance for new classroom construction as well as for upgrades, replacement, and enhancements. Classroom technologies follow a set of university standards to ensure that the systems meet instructor needs and fit into the campus infrastructure. Contact Cindy Davis, 410-704-3182 or

Classroom Technology Standards

The Office of Technology Services (OTS) works with stakeholders in the university community, vendors, manufacturers, and college/departmental technology staff to develop design standards for the audiovisual technology installed in Towson University’s nearly 400 classrooms that best meet the needs of the university.  For more information, click here.

New and Emerging Classroom and Computer Lab Technologies

OTS and its campus partners are continually exploring technologies that can be used in the classroom to support learning and teaching. Our general approach is to identify faculty and student needs, conduct small-scale pilots, and select solutions that fit well into the campus infrastructure. Many factors need to be considered including cost, ease of use, installation, compatibility, reliability, and scalability. Here are the things people have been asking about recently:

Audience Response Solutions ("Clickers")
Capture and Distribution ("Lecture Capture")

Touch-Screen Monitors for Classroom Instructor Workstations


Using Tablets, iPads, and Other Mobile Devices in the Classroom

Wireless Projection and Collaboration
Windows 8 Computers in Classrooms and Labs
• 3D Presentation Technology (TBD)
• Virtualization (TBD)
Cloud Services

Projects Covered through Student Technology Fees

Departments that want to upgrade, renovate, or construct new classrooms or replace computers in computer labs or instructional classrooms may complete a proposal and request funds. Student Technology Fees are used to cover a variety of projects as well as repairs and maintenance, and a faculty committee convenes four times a year to review and approve project requests. Contact Cindy Davis at for details.


Cycle Advertise By Due By Foundation Extended Curriculized Studio
Wednesday, August 12, 2015
Wednesday, September 21, 2015
Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Friday, October 30, 2015
3 Monday, February 1, 2016
Monday, February 15, 2016
Monday, March 21, 2016 (<$5000)
Friday, April 4, 2016


 * Cycle 4 will be limited to projects that are less than $5000

Process overview flowchart

• STF funds distribution model
Examples of types of projects that may and may not qualify
Guidelines for which categories of software qualify
Items requiring Academic Committee for Technology (ACT) review

Audiovisual Equipment Lifecycle Ranges

Computer Renewal for Classroom and Computer Labs

Colleges or departments will no longer need to submit a written Classroom and Computer Lab Project Request for routine computer renewals effective FY13. A Project Request for computers is needed only for extraordinary requests such as expanding the number of computers in a lab, creating a brand new lab or classroom, adding or replacing printers, or requesting computers that are above and beyond the standard configuration (e.g., higher end models, additional memory, faster processor, etc.).

For more information and FAQ, click here.


Resources and Documentation

Guide: Troubleshooting Guide for Classroom Technology (Online Version)
Guide: Troubleshooting Guide for Classroom Technology (PDF Version)
Guide: Tips, Suggestions, and Best Practices for Classroom Technology (PDF)
Guide: Worksite Information and Requirements for Contractors and Subcontractors (PDF)
Support: Frequently Asked Questions
Website: Faculty/Staff Help Center
Website: Technology Equipped Classroom Virtual Tour (Pictures, Help Documents, etc)
Website: Blackboard (LearnOnline)

Self-Help Resources:


OTS Developed Documents, Movies, etc.

LanSchool Tutorials

Knowledge Base: Office of Technology Services (Login Required for Some Services)
Reports and Metrics: Office of Technology Services Annual Report 2014
Reports and Metrics: Office of Technology Services Annual Report 2013
FAQ: STF Split Fee FAQ


Resources for Internal IT Staff

Form: Projects or Activities that Require Review or Approval of the Academic Committee for Technology (ACT) (Word)
Guide: Computer Census for Classrooms and Computer Lab Database User Guide (Word)
Quick Video: Updating the Computer Census for Classrooms and Computer Labs
Website: Crestron Fusion RV (Login Required)
Guide: Crestron Fusion RV Instructions (PDF)
Guide: OTS Scope of Services for Computer Labs (Word)
Website: Asset Works (Asset Tracking System)
Website: Tech Help (Work Tracking System)
Tool: Repair vs. Replace Decision Assistant (Excel)
Guide: Classroom Alert Start Up Message (Word)
Quick Video: Classroom Alert Start Up Message








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