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Apple iOS Resources and Guidelines

The information and guidelines on this page can assist you to purchase, use, and secure Apple iOS devices.

For general information about all mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) at Towson University see the Mobile Device Support web site.

IMPORTANT: iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) are NOT secured with a password when purchased. iOS device owners are advised to set a password immediately to protect your device and data, see number 3 below for details. All iOS devices that connect to the university Exchange email system will be required to set a password.

1. Sharing iPads in Classrooms, Computer Labs, Groups

Unlike a desktop computer an iPad cannot hold multiple accounts at the same time. iPads are designed for an individual user and all apps are associated with and owned by that user's Apple ID, which creates unique challenges. This iOS Deployment Guide can help with a successful implementation.

The univerity hosts an iPads in the Classoom Blackboad site for Towson faculty and staff to collaborate on using iPads in classrooms or groups. To

2.  iPad Security and Best Practices

As a portable device, iOS devices are particularly susceptible to loss or theft (30% of mobile devices are lost or stolen). It is essential that you protect your iPad and yourself by following the best practices below.

A.   QUICKLY Configure Apple iOS devices for Towson University Resources

You can quickly configure your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch to connect to the tu-secure wireless network and the university email server; and enable a passcode (password) on your device by going to the software downloads page below and selecting the For Faculty and Staff Only section to download and install the configuration file at: http://www.towson.edu/adminfinance/ots/downloadsforms/softwaredownloads.asp (use your NetID to log on)

B.    Manually Set Passcode: to manually set a passcode (password) on your iPad to prevent unauthorized access. Without a passcode, anyone that powers on your iPad will have access to everything on it including your e-mail and calendar. It only takes a minute to set a passcode on your iPad by following the procedures below:

  1. Power on the iPad and go to Settings>General>Passcode Lock
  2. Set your four-character password
    For more detailed instructions, see Password Protect Your iPad
    Note: to protect university-owed iPads a password will be required, in accordance with the Mobile Computing Devices Policy.

C.   Backup, Restore, and Update iPads: protect your iPad and apps by following Apples guidelines listed here.

D.   Storing Sensitive and Important Files: do not store files with sensitive or important data on your iPad, store files on your H: or O: drives.

E..  Optimize Battery Utilization: see http://www.apple.com/batteries/ipad.html


3.  Purchasing iOS Devices

A.  University Purchases: to assure that you purchase the device that best suits your needs and is properly processed as a university asset, call the Faculty/Staff Help Center at 410-704-5151and follow menu options or fill out Web Support Request to request a brief consultation. Staff will assist you through the purchase process.

Shared iPads: If you are purchasing an iPad/s that will be shared in a classroom or group setting, there are a number of additional considerations necessary to manage the shared iPads. The Towson University iOS Deployment Guide outlines considerations and resources to manage iOS devices.

B.  Personal Purchases: for personal purchases, go directly to http://store.apple.com

C.  Wi-Fi + cellular data option: iPads rely on wireless network connections to connect to the Internet and will work on campus without the optional cellular data option. If you travel off campus and need Internet connections you will likely want to purchase an iPad model that includes a cellular data option. To enable the cellular data service, you purchase a monthly or longer contract with a provider, for details see http://www.apple.com/ipad/.

Apps for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

To add functionality to your iPad, there are numerous apps available for the Apple iPad online. University p-cards can be used to purchase apps for university academic, research, or business needs. The university also has established an App Store Volume Purchasing Program (ASVPP). For details on purchasing Apple products software see:

Macintosh Software Purchase


4.  iPad Assistance

A. Primary assistance for iPads is provided by Apple on their Web sites and iPad forums. For more information see Apple's iPad Home Page: http://www.apple.com/ipad/

B. The Office of Technology Services (OTS) provides iPad self-help documents for Apple products at the university at: http://www.towson.edu/adminfinance/ots/trainingdoc/shr12-mac.asp 

5.  Connecting iPad, iPhone, and iPod to tu-secure Wireless Network

Follow instructions in the self help document: MAC iPad, iPhone, iPod - tu-secure wireless connection


6.  Setup Towson E-mail on Your iPad

To synchronize your iPad with Towson University e-mail, follow the procedures for the iPhone on this web page:
How to Configure your Personal Smartphone to Send and Receive Towson E-mail

7. iPad Apps (applications)

A.  OTS has published a short categorized list of popular apps at Towson at: http://www.towson.edu/adminfinance/ots/support/ipadapps.asp

B.  General information about iPad apps can be found at: http://www.apple.com/support/ipad/applications/

Purchasing apps? See section 4. above about purchasing apps.


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