Canon EOS 60D HDSLR Camera Kit


The Canon EOS 60D is a precision photographic device that is arguably more susceptible to user damage than most of the multimedia equipment SCS circulates. The camera kit includes a high-quality, versatile lens (attached) which should be suitable for most applications. SCS strongly discourages users from removing the included lens and unnecessarily exposing sensitive parts of the camera and lens to damage. Upon return, SCS will inspect the camera for damage. Borrowers will be financially responsible for repairing or replacing damaged parts. 

Please treat this rather expensive camera as if it were you own personal property.  

Also, if you remove the included 16GB SDHC media card in order to use your own media card, be sure to place the SCS card in the protective plastic case and store it in the zippered pocket under the top flap of the case. 


ALERT: New Reservation Rules Starting
September 10, 2012

Canon EOS 60D Camera

  • Canon EOS 60D camera body
  • Canon EF-S 18-135mm lens
  • USB & Stereo AV Cables
  • LP-E6 Battery Packs (2)
  • LC-E6 Battery Charger
  • Hoya 67mm UV filter
  • LowePro All Weather case
  • Lexar 16GB 133x SDHC card
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Kit Photo arrow downThe camera should be placed lens down in the case, the LCD screen [1] should be closed and the camera strap should be neatly stowed around the lens.
Canon 60D Case Open

arrow downIn the zippered pocket under the top cover flap, place the gently-coiled USB cable [1]  and the plastic media card case [2].
Canon 60D Cover Flap Pocket

arrow downIn the zippered pocket on the front side of the case, place the quick reference guide [1], the battery charger [2], the spare battery [3] and the AV cable [4].

Canon 60D Front Pocket

arrow downThe included SDHC media card [1] should be gently inserted into the card slot [2] on the right side of the camera body; the label on the card should face the rear of the camera body.
Canon 60D Media Card Slot

arrow downA battery [1] should be inserted into the battery compartment on the bottom of the camera.

Canon 60D Battery Compartment
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