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Printing in SCS Labs  

Student Computing Services supports grayscale and color laserjet printing, as well as large-format color inkjet printing within its facilities.

To print black and white, grayscale, or color documents on letter (8.5"x11") sized paper, you can use the WEPA cloud-based printing solution in the SCS Lab and at many other locations across campus.

Large Format Printing

Student Computing Services maintains an HP DesignJet 500ps large-format inkjet printer which students may use to print poster-sized documents for academic purposes. This printer is not part of our pay-for-print service, and we presently have no practical means of charging. Consequently, we limit poster printing to five 24"x36" sheets--that's 4,320 square inches for those calculating equivalencies--per person per day. We believe that this is a reasonable limit which should help prevent a single user from disproportionally stressing the printer or exhausting printing supplies.

The DesignJet 500ps prints to a 24"-wide roll of paper, so 24"x36" or 24"x48" posters require no trimming or joining and are, consequently, remarkably simple to produce. Students can also produce larger posters (e.g., 48"x36", 72"x48"), which are printed in pieces (or tiles) that they can then trim and join. HP Designjet Printer

Although students may create their large-format documents using any compatible application, SCS strongly recommends using Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft PowerPoint, or some other application that will save in PDF format. Printing PDFs from Adobe Acrobat allows us to tweak print jobs and avoid wasteful surprises. For the convenience of students new to large-format printing, we have posted a number of templates and a production guide on the SCS Self-help Resources page. 

Please note:

  • SCS does not offer mounting or lamination materials or services

  • SCS will not print posters advertising events for student organizations;
    Art Services (UU) offers large-format printing for non-academic purposes

  • The uncoated paper we stock is well suited for academic posters,
    but poorly suited for high-resolution "art-quality" prints

  • Posters are printed by our staff at the SCS Service Desk (CK 35); if possible, save your document as a high-quality PDF file and bring it in on a flash drive 

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