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Hello there! Immediately after you activated your TU NetID, we presented you with a confirmation message (example) outlining a few key services and considerations.  Here, TechOverture further Click for SCS Resources Roadmapintroduces the computing services, resources, and policies that will become the technology under score of your academic career. Click on each (or any) of the topics below to expand it and learn more. Click again to collapse it. Use the buttons on the right for immediate access to key systems, tools, and services; hovering over each will display descriptions. Above all, remember that SCS and the answers to your questions are just an email or a phone call away! 

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Your NetID : : manage your passwords, security questions, and more
In the course of your activities--or the activities in your courses--you will use many different computing systems and services, however you need only remember one set of login credentials for most: your TU NetID. Composed of your first initial, the first five letters of your last name, and a number to make it all unique, your NetID is the first element in your email address (NetID@students.towson.edu) and your key to campus computing!

To keep your password secure, you will need to change it every 90 days.
You can use your NetID Tools to complete the following actions at any time:

  • change your password
  • reset a forgotten password
  • change your security question
  • find out how much of your network file space you are using
  • download a backup copy of all your files

There is a convenient link to your NetID Tools on the right side of this page, as well as on

Never share your password with others or let anyone login using your NetID. In our considerable experience, those who share passwords invariably regret it.


Your Tech Support : : trust the SCS Service Desk for solutions to your computing problems  
Student Computing Services (SCS) is a family of integrated support services available to all TU students in a single, convenient location on the first floor of Cook Library. Hours of operation vary with the academic calendar, but most of the year SCS is open an accommodating 89 hours a week. 

TheSCS Service Desk provides technical support and troubleshooting assistance to students experiencing problems or seeking technology advice.

Many students are particularly interested to learn that the SCS Service Desk will examine and, if possible, repair their ailing laptops. SCS is usualy able to resolve malware, slow performance, and network configuration issues. And, SCS can diagnose hardware problems and assist with repairs. Just drop by Cook Library Room 35. If repairs will take more than 20 minutes, you can request one of our loaner laptops. 


Your Email and T3 : : stay in touch, on schedule, and well-informed  
In partnership with Google, the University provides TU students with Google-hosted email accounts with unlimited email storage space, 5GB of file storage space (Google Drive), POP/IMAP support, full-featured Web calendaring, contact management, and task management.

To access your Webmail Powered by Google (PbG) account:
  1. open the login page (webmail.towson.edu)
  2. enter your NetID and password
  3. click Login
You will find additional information and links to self help documents on the WebMail PbG FAQ page. Generally speaking, you are not required to use WebMail PbG, but TU will hold you responsible for the messages sent to your student address. You may set-up an automatic forward to some other address if you wish, but don't ignore your student inbox. Also, be aware that some professors require their students to use Webmail PbG when corresponding with them.

Every day, the University will send you one T3 (Towson Tigers Today) message in which you will find linked headlines representing all the campus news of which you should be aware. Of course, not every item will apply to you, but many will, and skimming T3 should only take you a few minutes.


Your Records and Registration : : use Online Services for registration and other business 
Towson Online Services is the web-based system through which all TU students take care of business with the university. It presents convenient access to essential transactions:
  • lookup your registration appointment each term
  • register for classes and make changes to your schedule
  • pay your bill or authorize someone to pay on your behalf
  • view your financial aid information
  • check your grades
  • review your GenEd progress
  • request official transcripts
  • and more

To access Online Services:

  1. open the My TU page
  2. click "Towson Online Services" under Top Links
  3. sign in using you NetID
  4. click "Self Service" in the Menu box
  5. click "Student Center" in the Menu box; Student Center provides access to your academic and business records


Your Online Courses : : log in to Blackboard for your online and hybrid courses  
Blackboard is the campus system that supports TU's online and partially online courses, as well as online elements of traditional classroom courses. Through Blackboard, you will:
  • access course documents and assignments
  • participate in class discussions
  • take quizzes and exams
  • check your course grades
  • and much more

To access Blackboard:

  1. open the My TU page
  2. click "Blackboard" under Top Links
  3. login using you NetID

Self help resources are available from OTS.


Your Network File Space : : use WebDisk and H Drive to manage files on the TU network  
In addition to saving your files to hard disks, USB flash drives, DVDs, and CDs, you can also save to your WebDisk and subsequently retrieve your files via any web browser. Further, whenever you log on to a computer in most campus computer labs, your WebDisk will be instantly available as your H Drive. You can also mount your WebDisk as a network drive on your home computer using our VPN client and the path \\tiger\yourNetID (OTS offers instructions here.) This 1GB resource represents an excellent place to keep safe and portable your most important files. And, you can use the included "WWW" folder to publish your own web site.

Your student email service (Webmail Powered by Google) also includes 5GB of file storage space--your Google Drive--which allows for easy collaboration with other students and faculty.

Self help resources are available from OTS.


Your Website : : develop and share your own student Web site  
You've got a website at http://tiger.towson.edu/~yourNetID; and whenever you are ready, you may begin editing and developing your site using a variety of software tools. Microsoft Expression Web and Adobe Dreamweaver are available in many campus labs; SharePoint Designer 2007 is available on TU's Virtual Workspace (http://vw.towson.edu) and as a free download from Microsoft.

Self help resources are available from OTS.


Your Wi-Fi Service  : : connect to one of the area's largest wireless networks  

Towson University maintains one of the largest wireless networks in the Baltimore metro area. Consisting of both a guest network and a secure network, the service spans the entire campus. All you will need is a laptop or handheld computer with wireless networking functionality.

The easilest way to configure your laptop or desktop computer for connection to tu-secure, is to use our configuration wizard.

  1. Setup tu-secure on your laptopLaunch your web browser and open www.towson.edu/scs
  2. Locate and click the TU-Secure Wireless Setup graphic (shown here)
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions

Self help resources are available from OTS.


Your Web Gateway : : open Current Students for links to all things Towson  
The Current Students page features links to the services and information resources you are most likely to need. It is a good starting point for your academic browsing sessions. To access this gateway, click one of the many "Current Students" links on this or numerous other TU pages, or enter students.towson.edu into your browser.

Your Tech Workshop and Playground : : explore the SCS Lab, Learning Center and Studio  
As noted above under Your Tech Support, SCS is a family of support services located on the first floor of Cook Library. Hours of operation vary, but most of the year SCS is open 89 hours a week.

The SCS Computer Lab offers computing hardware, software and work space to all students--regardless of major--on a walk-in basis. Although configured for independent work, the lab is staffed by students capable of orienting users to resources and answering general questions. The SCS Lab is also a burgeoning digital art gallery featuring products of creative computing by TU students. Please consider submitting your own work!

The SCS Learning Center (LC) complements the Lab and Service Desk offering individual and small-group consulting and collaboration work areas. In addition, the LC maintains a collection of hardware and software for more specialized applications, such as poster production, digital photography/videography, and multimedia production.

The SCS Studio provides an ideal space--adjacent to the Lab, in CK 36--for audio and video production, as well as presentation rehearsals. Students may reserve the SCS Studio for up to two hours at a time by calling, writing or visiting SCS in CK 35.

See the SCS Web page for additional information of these services and areas.

Your Protection from Malware : : download and install free antivirus software to surf safely  
Towson University recommends that students install, run and regularly update Microsoft Security Essentials on their Windows computers or ClamXav on their Mac computers free of charge. To download installation files and instructions:
  1. open the Current Students page
  2. click "Software Downloads" under the "Help" heading
  3. click "For Faculty, Staff and Students" beneath the opening paragraph
  4. login using you NetID
  5. read and follow the instructions under "Antivirus Software for Windows and Macintosh"

Remember, SCS can help if you hit a snag.

OTS strongly suggests that resident students remove all other antivirus software from their computers and download, install and use the antivirus software described above. These specific titles offer the best compatibility with the Cisco NAC program required to access the ResNet and, thus, they promise the most trouble-free protection.

Your ResNet : : keep your campus digs plugged into the residential network  
Student Computing Services (SCS) supports the campus ResNet (residential network) with:
  • general advice and troubleshooting via email and telephone
  • assistance with antivirus software installation and configuration
  • on site repair of university networking equipment
  • self help resources

Further, SCS maintains a separate set of web pages for ResNet Support.

Other TU Technology Services and Topics

Print from Anywhere : : print your work to the cloud and pick it up at any campus WEPA kiosk  
WEPA Printing KioskComing in August 2013!
Send your files from a campus lab computer or from your own computer, tablet, or smartphone and print them in grayscale or color at any of the 19 WEPA Print Stations positioned all over campus. Login and pay at the Print Stations by swiping your TU OneCard. For detailed information, click the link below:


Register for Emergency Alerts : : get public safety alerts via email and text message  
To register for immediate notification via email and/or text message in the event of a public safety emergency, school closing or severe weather warning:
  1. open the University Police page
  2. click "Emergency Text Alerts"
  3. click "Register for Alerts"
  4. log in using your TU NetID (see note below)
  5. complete the registration form and click the "Create Account" button

Note that after you have completed the registration process, you will no longer use your NetID to login to this service. Instead you will use the username you provided in the process of signing-up. The University Police, rather than OTS, support this system.

Manage Your OneCard Account Online : : check your balances and make deposits online
To look-up your dining plan balance, make deposits, allow your parents to make deposits, register for low balance notifications, and find off-campus businesses that accept your OneCard, sign-up for web access to your OneCard account:
  1. open the OneCard page
  2. click "Sign Up Now" in the upper right corner
  3. click "Manage Your OneCard Account"
  4. enter your 7-digit OneCard ID Number and click "Next"
  5. follow the on-page instructions to complete the registration process

Note that this service uses your OneCard ID rather than your NetID and is supported by Auxiliary Services (410-704-2530). And remember, like resident students, commuters may also use their OneCards to make purchases across campus and in many locations throughout Towson!

Get a Job! : : learn about employment opportunities and make profitable connections  
The Career Center offers Hire@TU, an online database of internship, employment, networking and career event opportunities. To start your job search, visit the Career Center site and log in with your NetID.

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