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Help Resources Specific to Towson

Getting Started Tour
Overview of how to compose and reply to e-mail, organize e-mail using stars, labels, and archive, and use the calendar feature.

Tour 2: Contacts, Tasks, and Chat Overview of contacts, tasks, and chat (instant messenging).

TU Student Employees ONLY - Your TU Exchange Account
Combining accounts or keeping them separate? All you need to know is here.

Leaving TU? Create a Gmail account & take your email along!
Find out how to move your email and contacts into a free public Google Gmail account.

Google Help Pages

The following topics link directly to Google's help documentation for Gmail. As you read through these pages, remember that your e-mail address is in the following format:


Why are replies piled together? Where are my replies?
•  Conversations


Where are labels? How do I organize e-mail without folders?
•  Labels


Composing and Sending Messages
• Sending
Saving Drafts


Receiving Messages
•  Conversations
•  Spam


Organizing Messages
•  Filters
•  Labels
•  Archiving
•  Deleting


Navigating Messages
•  Navigating
•  Searching


•  General Chat Information
•  Voice and Video Chat

  Tasks/To do lists
•  Using Tasks in Gmail

Account Settings
•  Forwarding mail to another account
•  Labs

  Configuring E-Mail Clients and Mobile Devices to Access Webmail
•  Other Ways to Access Gmail (including POP and IMAP) (For student employees with Exchange Accounts, click here.)
  Calendar Features
•  Calendar Basics





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