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The Web Development Group works with the university’s academic and administrative departments to create quality sites in accordance with the TU Web Template. The Web Style Guide provides the following guidelines for editing or creating department sites.

How to Edit Your Website

1. Contact the Web Development Group

To edit your existing site, or create a new one, contact the Web Development Group using the Tech Help Form. After you login, select "Website Development" from the drop-down menu. We’ll contact you to set up a meeting to discuss your site and determine a timeline for its completion.

2. Assess Your Site

Spend time reviewing your current site and its content. Consider your site goals: What does your department/college/division want to accomplish and communicate with its Web presence? Is it in line with your organization's mission as well as the university’s mission? Consider your primary audiences. Who visits the site? How can you best serve each group?

3. Develop Site Architecture

Work with the Web Development Group to determine how your site’s navigation will be organized. Review and revise your present site’s “architecture,” taking into consideration the Web template’s navigation structure and the various audiences who will be using your site.

4. Review Existing Content and Write New Content

Thoroughly read and evaluate the existing content on your site. Don’t automatically insert your old content into the template. Identify missing or outdated content. Think about whether your content lends itself to the Web. Determine text, images, Announcements and Spotlights that may be appropriate for each page. Make sure that you are not duplicating content that can be found elsewhere on the university's site.

Identify content writers: Who are the best people to write (or review) a piece of content? Do they understand how to write for the Web? Assign content: Make assignments to the content writers that you identified. Allocate time to review content to make sure it is appropriate and integrates well with the rest of the site. Consider maintenance: Consider how you will maintain your content and update content that changes frequently.

You can get advice and review of your content from Jackie Durbin, director of content strategy,

410-704-6285, jdurbin@towson.edu.

5. Web Development Group Builds Site Skeleton

The Web Development Group builds a skeleton of your website based on the site architecture you developed with them. The files will reside in a folder in a temporary location that cannot be found by the TU Google search appliance.

6. Populate Site with Content

Once the site skeleton is built, you can populate the site with text and photos. You will receive access to edit the new website with Contribute. Please schedule Contribute training with OTS. Workshops are offered each week. Contribute self-help documents are also available.

The Web Development Group will assist with the design and placement of graphics such as Spotlights, Announcements, videos and photo slideshows on the site. Contact us for feedback after you populate approximately 5 pages. We will also review all content on your site before it launches.

7. Site Goes Live

After the site is approved by you and your department, it will go live and replace any older sites you have online.





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