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Towson University Daily Digest Primary Election Information: Early Voting, Election Day and Absentee Ballots

Primary Election Day is Tuesday, September 14! There are multiple ways for the TU Community to participate in the Primary Elections. Note, to vote in the Primary Elections you must have registered to vote by Tuesday, August 24, 2010. To vote in a party’s primary you must be registered with that party; unaffiliated voters cannot vote in the Primary Elections.

Early Voting: Anyone registered to vote in Baltimore County can vote at Towson University on Early Voting Days!

Early voting will take place from 10 AM – 8 PM in room 120 of the Administration Building on the following dates:
• Friday, September 3
• Saturday, September 4
• Monday September 6
• Tuesday September 7
• Wednesday September 8
• Thursday September 9

**You must be registered to vote in Baltimore County to vote at this location.

Absentee Ballot Information:
Follow these steps to obtain and submit an Absentee Ballot:
1. Fill out an absentee ballot application, found here:
2. Mail your application to your county board of elections by 8 PM on Tuesday, September 7 or fax by 11:59 PM on Tuesday, September 7.
a. If you miss this deadline, you must bring your application in person to your county board of elections.
3. In order to be counted, your absentee ballot must:
a. Be received by 8 PM on Primary Election Day, September 14, 2010; or
b. Be mailed before Primary Election Day and received by the board of elections by 10 AM on Wednesday, September 22, 2010.

Primary Election Day Information:
Primary Election Day is September 14, 2010. If you are registered at the Towson University precinct, you may vote between 7 AM and 8 PM in the University Union Potomac Lounge on this day. To find your voting precinct visit the Maryland Board of Elections website:

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