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Towson University Daily Digest Bridges to the World International Film Festival- Hometown Baghdad

Van Bokkelen Hall Auditorium
Friday, March 11, 7 p.m.

Hometown Baghdad is a 38-part web documentary series that tells the stories of three Iraqi college students who are struggling to survive in Baghdad. The characters are Saif Naji, Adel and Ausama. Naji, an Iraqi dentist, was born in 1983 in Baghdad, Iraq. He finished his high school degree from Baghdad College in 2001 and he took his Dental Diploma from the College of Dentistry University of Baghdad in 2006. Naji got married in late 2006 and moved to Boston, Massachusetts in 2007. The series was produced by Chat the Planet. Films from Vietnam, Mexico, Poland, Iraq, and India will be presented in five venues across Maryland: Annapolis, Cumberland, Salisbury, St. Mary’s City, and Towson University. Each film has been chosen by the embassy and will be introduced by a professional. A post-screening discussion will follow. Please see “Events” at for more information.

Admission is free.

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