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Towson University Daily Digest Update on Campus Lighting Upgrades as part of the ESCO Project

TU has completed the $8 million project to increase the energy efficiency of lighting systems across campus. The Energy Services Contractor (ESCO) project will achieve a 10% reduction in annual campus carbon emissions and a $1 million annual reduction in energy cost savings with the installation of more than 34,000 new and retrofit light fixtures and 9,300 occupancy sensors in campus buildings.

The ESCO contractors are currently doing inspections and punch list items across campus.

To date, upgrades have been completed in the following buildings:
General Services
Lecture Hall
Glen Esk
Van Bokkelen
Glen Towers A, B, C and D
Union Garage
Scarborough Hall
Prettyman Hall
Newell Dining
Towson Run
Glen Garage
Towsontown Garage
Landscape Services
Power Plant
Glen Dining
Stephens Annex
Auburn House
Cook Library
Stephens Hall
Media Center
University Union
7800 York Road
Enrollment Services
Hawkins Hall
Psychology Building
Child Care Center
Unitas Stadium
Field House
Scheurholz Park
Linthicum Hall
Administration Building
Center for the Arts

Towson Center and Burdick Hall were cancelled due to the Capital project.

For more information on the project, including a timeline of the upgrades, go to

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