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Towson University Daily Digest Parking &Transportation Notice Ė Snow Removal and Inclement Weather

In the event of snow or ice, Parking Services and Facilities Management staff members coordinate necessary efforts to remove snow and de-ice parking areas. The campus community should be aware that outside factors, including academic schedules and dining services, impact decisions regarding the order in which lots will be cleared.

It may be necessary to close parking areas to enable our snow removal equipment to access surface lots and garage roofs. The campus community can assist with these efforts by following the guidelines indicated below.

- Do not enter areas that are closed. This includes areas where the gate is closed or lots that are barricaded, sectioned off with cones or have closed signs displayed.
- If your vehicle is parked on the roof of a garage, please move it to a lower covered level.
- Donít park in core campus surface lots until they have been cleared. Please use the covered levels in the garages.
- Follow the direction of posted signs and/or Parking Services staff.

Your assistance and cooperation will help to expedite the snow removal process. If you have any questions or need additional information, please call Parking Services at 410-704-PARK. We appreciate your cooperation.

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