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Towson University Daily Digest OTS Introduces TechHelp for Better Problem and Issue Tracking

A major initiative in the Office of Technology Services (OTS) this fall has been implementing a new tracking system, TechHelp powered by Web Help Desk. The new system will allow us to provide better tracking, support, monitoring, resolution, and analysis of client technology service requests.

As we phase in the new system during the next few weeks, you may receive email notifications from both TechHelp as well as from our legacy system. TechHelp email notifications include links for you to add further details to your original request. Additionally, you will also get an email notice when work is finished so that you can confirm everything has been done to your satisfaction before we close out the request. Since you will be able to click on links in the email, it is important to distinguish TechHelp notices from "phishing" email.

How can you tell that your TechHelp request is authentic? The email address from TechHelp ends with "" which will help. Plus, the topic the email refers to should be something you are familiar with since it will usually refer to a problem or issue you reported.

If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of these new TechHelp messages, please call the Faculty/Staff Help Center at 410-705-5151, 2+2+2 on the voice menu, to verify authenticity.

For more information, please see the August issue of Administration and Finance "Dollars and Common Sense" blog at

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