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Towson University Daily Digest Sloan-C Facilitated Online Workshops for December, January, and February

Sloan-C Online Workshops
OTS sponsors Towson’s membership to Sloan-C. With this membership, a limited number of Towson faculty members can attend two or more of the workshops below for free. Normally, these workshops cost $170 - $500 each. All courses are offered in a fully online format. The 2012 workshops are facilitated by an instructor and are asynchronous (i.e., there is no need to be at your computer at a specific time) and require a time commitment over one or more weeks. The 2013 workshops are either one week or half-day intensives.

TO REGISTER, contact Sloan-C coordinator for CIAT: Audrey Cutler (x4-5082 or

For all 2012 workshops and descriptions:

December 5 ‒14, 2012

Using Advanced Podcasting and Other Web 2.0 Multimedia in Your Curriculum

December 12 ‒ 21, 2012

New Workload Management Strategies Needed for Online Education

HyFlex: A Hybrid & Flexible Course Design Process For Blended Learning

Mobile Learning Integration: Using Mobile Devices Effectively in Online Courses

For all 2012 workshops and descriptions:

January 4 ‒ 11, 2013

Effective Online Classrooms: Adult Learning

Exemplary Institutions: Addressing Faculty Motivation

January 18 ‒ 25, 2013

Assessment Techniques in Online Learning

Successful Online Outcomes: Academic Integrity

Learning Environments: Twitter

February 1 ‒ 8, 2013

Exemplary Institutions: Ensuring Program Quality

Assessment Techniques in Social Media

Learning Environments: Mobile Apps

February 15 ‒ 22, 2013

Successful Online Outcomes: ADA and Accommodation on the Web

Embrace Asynchronous Tools

Want more workshops?
CIAT and OTS Training provide workshops on software topics, emerging technology, online teaching and more. We can create custom workshops for your college or department, too! For more on these TU workshops, go to

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