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Towson University Daily Digest 2012 Calendar Year End Leave Announcement for Regular Staff, Librarians, and 12-Month Faculty

The final pay period of the 2012 "Calendar Year" for leave purposes is pay period 12/26/12-1/8/13. As a result, all earned 2012 Holiday and Personal leave hours must be used on or before 1/8/13 or they will be lost. When planning on leave usage during the Winter Break (12/24/12 through 1/1/13), full time non-facilities employees need to remember the following:
Three University holidays will appear on their timesheets on 12/24, 12/26 and 12/27 in addition to Christmas Day (observed on 12/25/12) and New Years Day (observed on 1/1/13);
They will have to use their own earned leave for 12/28/12 and 12/31/12. As an example, if an employee begins the Winter Break with 2 floater holidays and 1 Personal day in their leave balance, they will have to use 2 days during the Winter Break and so will have until 1/8/13 to use the remaining day of leave from 2012.

50 days (400.00 hours) remains the maximum amount of annual leave that full-time Regular Staff, Librarians, and 12 Month Faculty may carry over from one "calendar year" to the next. The 50-day carry over cut off will also be effective with the 12/26/12 - 1/8/13 pay period. Both annual leave earned and used during this pay period will be factored in prior to setting the balances back to the allowable maximum.

The maximum carry over of 400.00 hours is pro rated for part-time employees based on percent employed. For example, the maximum carry over for a 50% employee (0.50 FTE) is 200.00 hours, and for an 80% employee (0.80 FTE) is 320.00 hours.

Three Personal Leave Days (pro rated for part time employees based on percent employed) will be added to all Regular Staff, Librarians, and 12 Month Faculty personal leave balances effective with pay period ending 1/22/13.

Non-exempt regular staff employees who have unused Compensatory leave hours as of 1/8/13 will be paid for those hours in their 1/30/13 paycheck.

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