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Please see the updates below regarding major projects:

Site and Safety Phase II - The design for Site and Safety Phase II continues with emphasis on the early utility work along Osler Drive now scheduled for March 2013. That work will include installing underground conduit so that the existing overhead BGE cables can be removed and relocated underground. Construction of the proposed signalized intersection at Emerson Drive is on schedule for summer 2013. Construction of the new bridge over Osler Drive will begin fall 2013.

Tiger Arena - Exterior window systems and wall panels are complete. Construction on the north steps, promenade and final grading is continuing on schedule. Mechanical systems are now functioning. Interior finishes and other trades continue and the new wood floor of the arena will begin this month. Renovations to the Towson Center basement are ongoing. The arena project is scheduled to be complete early spring 2013.

Ward and West Halls - Underground utility work including the new steam and chilled water connections are complete. Demolition and renovations to the interiors of Ward and West are progressing. Foundations for the addition are to begin mid-December.

Newell/Richmond Halls - With exterior building work complete, scaffolding on Newell Hall continues to be removed. Exterior final grading is also progressing. Interior finishes and other trades also continue. The plaza work on the west side of Newell Hall continues and is expected to be complete January 2013.

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