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Towson University Daily Digest Windows 8: OTS and Partners Charting Campus Deployment Strategy

Microsoft released Windows 8 to the public on October 26, 2012, as its latest operating system. As in the past, the Office of Technology Services (OTS) is collaborating with other technology professionals on campus to evaluate and test the new operating system.

Windows 8 introduces significant changes in the user interface aimed at touch-screen computers, laptops, and tablets. The Start Screen and Desktop are unlike any previous Windows version. This new interface is definitely visionary and progressive, but the novel look and feel will take some time to get comfortable with.


Winter 2012/2013: OTS and the Windows 8 Team will test the operating system for software and hardware compatibility. Extensive testing is necessary in order to better understand how the functionality of the new operating system works and what it will take to support it on our campus. Usability and compatibility with our University products and services is very important.

Spring 2013: Introduce testing to other departments on campus. When the team feels itís ready for wider campus deployment, further announcements will follow.


If you need to buy new university-owned computers before full support begins, we strongly recommend sticking with Windows 7 until OTS advises otherwise. The current University Windows 7 configuration has proven to be stable and reliable; moving to Windows 8 prematurely may lead to unwanted surprises and frustration if university products and services do not work as expected. When buying computers out of personal funds to be used on campus, only limited support will be available initially.


Faculty and staff office computers currently running Windows 7, Vista, or XP should continue with the current operating system for the remaining lifecycle of the computer unless there is a compelling business, instructional, or research reason to convert to Windows 8. This approach tends to reduce the chances for compatibility problems with existing software, hardware, drivers, and network resources.

To view Windows 8 features, please visit:

For additional questions, concerns, or suggestions about Windows 8, please email Jack Stark at

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