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General Design Studies Track (BS/BA)

The General Design Studies track is meant for students who seek to become engaged in design but do not intend to become designers (For those seeking specialization and professional preparation needed for a career as a designer should consider the Graphic Design or Digital Art + Design concentrations in the BFA degree programs instead). The General Design Studies Track seeks to produce students who combine cross-disciplinary perspective with excellent research skills, a high level of visual literacy, and the creative thinking and problem solving skills central to design. Toward that end, General Design Studies is well suited for students who wish to combine study of design with a major in Mass Communication, Computer Science, English or Business.

Art majors in the General Design Studies track complete 45 units, including 21 units in foundations courses, 12 units in required courses and 12 units in design electives courses.

2010–2011 Degree Requirements

Visit the online catalog for your specific catalog year requirements.

Course Descriptions

First Level Foundations (21 units)
ART 101 Digital Tools and Concepts (3)
ART 103 2D Concepts (3)
ART 104 3D Concepts (3)
ART 211 Drawing: Observation and Invention (3)
ART 212 Visual Concepts (3)
ARTH 221 Survey of Western Art I (3)
ARTH 222 Survey of Western Art II (3)

Required Courses (12 units)
ART 217 Digital Concepts: Image and Surface (3)
ART 235 Photo Imaging - Creative Workflow(3)
ART 317 Graphic Design I (3)
ART 219 Digital Concepts: Structure (3)

Elective courses must be approved by the faculty adviser

Design Electives (12 units)
ART 322 Digital Design: Motion (3)
ART 234 Photo Imaging - Film (3)
ART 355 Typography I (3)
ART 360 Digital Art 2D (3)
ART 363 Interactive Media: Theory + Application (3)
ART 365 Design for the WWW (3)
ART 377 Exhibition Design (3)
ART 462 Digital Illustration (3)
ART 483 Package Design (3)
ART 3xx/4xx Any 300/400 level ART course (3-9)
ARTH 327 History of Modern Design




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