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Metalsmithing + Jewelry Concentration (BS/BA or BFA)

metalsmithing and jewelry studio

The goal of the Metalsmithing + Jewelry concentration is to educate students in the art and craft of metalsmithing and jewelry-making, by balancing the technical and aesthetic aspects of art making. The program may be pursued from a fine artist, designer, or craftsperson’s perspective, and prepares students for a wide variety of opportunities post-graduation – including graduate study, bench work, or independent production of jewelry or metalwork.

At the introductory level, students experience both functional and sculptural aspects of jewelry and metalwork. Additional courses expand on the numerous techniques of jewelry and metalsmithing, while focusing on conceptual and design development. Coursework is augmented by an ongoing examination of contemporary and historical metalsmithing. In their last semester, students participate in the senior project, which gives them an opportunity to develop a cohesive body of work while learning professional skills, such as résumé and artist statement writing.

The Metalsmithing and Jewelry program is housed in a new, 3,000-square foot studio facility with state-of-the-art ventilation and separate graduate studios. The studio is equipped for a wide range of processes, spread out over three rooms with separate chemical, finishing, and enameling rooms. Equipment includes:


  • 7 natural gas and oxygen soldering torches
  • 2 natural gas and compressed air annealing torches
  • Acetylene and oxygen casting torch
  • Acetylene B tanks
  • Acetylene and oxygen mini-torch


  • Electric burn-out kiln
    Gas burn-out kiln
  • Centrifugal casting machine
  • Vacuum casting machine
  • Vulcanize
  • Wax injector

Finishing room:

  • Buffing machines
  • Pedestal grinders
  • Belt/disk sanders
  • Steam Cleaner
  • Tumbler

Acid room:

  • Etching
  • Chemical patination
  • Copper electroforming

Other equipment:

  • Draw bench
  • Jump shear
  • 20-ton hydraulic press
  • Rolling mills
  • Bead blaster
  • Stakes and hammers for forming and forging

Students should contact Professor Jan Baum, at, to determine recommended course sequence based on individual needs and course availability.


metalsmithing and jewelry details


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metals and jewelry student work

by Adrienne Wiegmann

For more examples of metals and jewelry student work, visit our student portfolio.




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