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Past Events 2008

Fall 2008        

Many Moons Festival 2008
Center for the Arts, Towson University 
Saturday, September 6, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
The Center for the Arts came alive with this vibrant and popular festival that engaged the community in the richness and diversity of Asian cultural traditions. Visitors we entertained by 10 different performance groups of accomplished dancers and musicians, hands-on arts and crafts workshops, martial arts demonstrations and more.                                                       
Audience comments:

  • "Eclectic, Family Friendly, and Professional."
  • "Very enjoyable to experience music, dance, and art from other culture.”
  • "Wonderful experience- Rich array of artistic expression."

Myth and Symbols in Korean American Art
Asian Arts Gallery, Center for the Arts    
September 6 - October 18, 2008 
The Asian Arts & Culture Center hosted a joint exhibition of works by seven talented nationally known artists: David Chung, Wanjin Kim, Sunhee Jung, Namu Cho, Taek Lee, Hwa Jin Lee and Yeonghee Ji. Created  in a variety of media ranging from oil painting, ink work, metal to  multi-media, these works replete with personal myths and symbols. Guest Curator: Ock-Kyung Lee.
Audience comments:

  • “Nice to see a very contemporary element mixed with some of the more traditional work. Some truly thoughtful and beautiful work”
  • “There was a nice variety of styles of artwork with different media used but all were unified by one cohesive theme. Very pleasing to look at."
  • “I loved all the artwork! Beautiful, colorful, and thought provoking.

Taiwan’s Three Masters of Modern Art
Asian Arts Gallery, Center for the Arts
November 1 - December 13, 2008
Rooted in the fashions of the twentieth century, yet grounded firmly in tradition, modern Taiwanese art boasts a history of surprising diversity and change. Featured in this exhibition are three widely celebrated artists, Liao Shieu-Ping, Li Shi-Chi and Chu Wei-Bor, who have developed distinctively individual styles through decades of exploration and innovations.
Audience comments:

  • “I loved my experience at the Asian Arts & Culture Center. It was very nice to see work from Taiwan. 
  • “I loved the simplistic ideas that are conveyed through the work. Truly amazing.”
  • “Breath taking.”

Touch Your Heart--Music from Formosa
Stephens Hall Theatre
Saturday, November 8, 2008, 8 p.m.
This concert, featured Taiwanese music from both traditional and contemporary influences in a selection of folk songs and new compositions. The program was organized in cooperation with the Taiwanese American Association-Greater Baltimore Chapter.
Audience comments:               

  • “Wonderful, touching, the beauty of performance brought tears to my eyes and filled my heart."  “Lovely evening!
  • "Excellent program!! Should do it more often!”

Spring 2008

Ancient Bronzes of the Asian Grassland

From The Arthur M. Sackler Foundation

Asian Arts Gallery, Center for the Arts

February 9 – March 28

This exhibition featured over 80 exquisite bronze ornaments from the vast Asian grasslands that were home to a remarkable ancient culture whose art, richly decorated with animal motifs, reflects the trading, hunting and religious lifestyles from the 1st millennium BC.
Audience comments:  

  • "Every piece is stunning and the information presented is interesting and very thorough. I will come again!"
  • "I thought the exhibit was wonderful! I liked the mix of history with artifacts and oil paintings of people's memories and thoughts."
  • "Having visited the gallery every semester for the past 3 years, I can honestly say it has been the highlight of my semester!"  

Huun Huur Tu: the Throat Singers of Tuva

Harold J. Kaplan Concert Hall, Center for the Arts

Sunday, March 9, 3 p.m.

In conjunction to the Bronze of Asian Grasslands exhibit, the world famous Throat Singers of Tuva Huun Huur Tu amazed the audience with their mystic sophisticated overtone singing. Tuvan pastoral music is intimately connected to an ancient tradition of animism, the belief that natural objects and phenomena have souls or are inhabited by spirit.
 Audience comments:

  • "Thank you! We've been waiting for years to see this spectacular ensemble!"
  • "Fantastic! The most unusual musical performance I've ever heard. Exceeded my expectations"
  • "I loved every moment. The singers were excellent!"  

Realized in Wood: Contemporary Prints from China

Asian Arts Gallery, Center for the Arts

April 10–May 16                      

The exhibit displayed a distinctive style of European-influenced printmaking from the post-Mao era to the present. The artists from Hebei Province (a northern region) in China, displayed exquisite technique and succinct expressions of pure creativity.
Curator: Renee Covalucci
Audience comments:

  • "This was an absolutely fantastic show.  I enjoyed the discussion from the Curator. I learned so much!!!"
  • "Outstanding artwork, tremendous detail and technical skill by artists, and interesting subject matter. Always beautifully displayed and a nice variety of live art."
  • "Wonderful diversity.  A great installation and inspiring craftsmanship by all the artists."
  • "Breathtaking artwork and very interesting concept of art."

Lecture: Avant Garde China: Art in China since the 1980's

Dr. Roberta Wue, Associate Professor , Towson University

Sunday, May 4, 2:30 p.m.
The radical changes taking place in China over the last quarter-century are reflected in the exploding contemporary Chinese art scene.  

Dana Tai Soon Burgess & Co.
Stephens Hall Theatre
Saturday, May 3, 8 p.m.
Known for Asian-inspired works and visual clarity, the Washington, D.C.-based Dana Tai Soon Burgess & Co. debuted its first piece in December 1992 and since then has performed at top national and international venues. The Washington Post says, "Each dance is as spare, intimate and perfect as a pearl."
Audience comments:

  • "I appreciate every opportunity to see Contemporary Dance in Baltimore- there is not enough! I think the programs of the Asian Arts & Culture Center is great!"
  • " Very interesting, unusual, and entertaining!"
  • "I particularly liked learning about the intersection of Chinese and Latino cultures."


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