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Combined Major in Deaf Studies and Elementary Education

Students wanting to combine a major in Deaf Studies (DFST) with a major in Elementary Education (ELED) must separately declare the major with each department. Because the requirements of the ELED major are relatively fixed, students are encouraged to make the decision to complete the combined DFST-ELED major in the freshman year. Students who enter this major after the freshman year will not be able to graduate on time. This combined degree program will take 9 semesters to complete. The Elementary Education major is divided into a pre-professional program and professional education courses. Students must separately apply for acceptance into the professional education courses. Refer to the Elementary Education major information listed in the Towson University catalog for more information.

DFST 101, 210 308, 311, and 304 must be completed before entering the Professional Education Courses in Term 6. The department cannot accommodate scheduling DFST courses for students in Professional Education Level I or higher with the exception of DFST 345, 410 and 435.

Recommended Program of Study

The following is a suggested program of study for the DFST-ELED major that lists all required courses.

Academic Courses (to be taken before formal admission to the professional education sequence)

Suggested Program of Study - Entering Freshmen

Year 1


PSYC 101 Intro. to Psychology (Core 6)             

DFST 104 ASL 1 (Core 5)   

ENGL 102 Writing (Core 2)       

MATH 204 (4 cr)  Math Concepts 1

EDUC 202 Historical Persp.: Schools (Core 10)         


Towson Seminar (TSEM) (Core 1)

DFST 105 ASL 2

BIOL 120+120L (4 cr) Biology (Core 7)

MATH 205 (4cr) Math Concepts 2 (Core 3)

DFST 101 Intro. Deaf Culture (Core 13)

Year 2


DFST 204, ASL 3

HIST 145 or 146 U.S. as a Nation (Core 11)       

PSYC 201 (3) Educational Psychology

MATH 251 (4 cr) Geometry

SCED 304 Ethics & Education (Core 14)


DFST 205 ASL 4

DFST 311 Fundamentals of Hearing

GEOG 102 or 105 or 109 (Core 12)

ELED 200 The School Child as a Learner

PHSC 101 (4 cr) Physical Science (Core 8)

Year 3


DFST 304, ASL 5 (3)

Choose class from Core 4

ELED 322 Found. Reading & Lang. Arts

SPED 301 Intro. SPED

DFST 308 Fingerspelling & Numbers

Spring (Level 1)

1 half day off-campus

DFST 345 Deaf Culture

DFST 435 Development Sign Lang. & Reading

ELED 323 Practice Reading & Lang. Arts

ELED 363 Lang./Literacy Internship

EDUC 417 Children’s literature

Year 4

Fall (Level 2)

2 half days off-c

DFST 410 Internship (ASLPI pre-req)

BIOL 303 OR PHSC 303 Life or Earth/Space Science

MATH 323 Teaching Math in ELED

MATH 324 Supervised Part. In MATH

SCIE 376 Teaching Science in ELED

Spring (Level 3)

2 full days off-c

ELED 311 Child & Elem Curriculum/Assessment

ELED 312 Prof. Development Internship 1

ELED 429 Assessment reading/language

ISTC 301 Instructional media

ELED 365 Teaching Social Studies in ELED

    ELED 357 Linguistically Diverse Learners

Year 5

Fall (Level 4)  

4 full days off-c

ELED 468 (12 cr) Prof. Development Internship 2

ELED 469 (2 cr) Prof. Development  Internship 2

Confirm with advisor that all university and major requirements are completed; Apply for graduation by posted deadline.

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