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Combined Major in Deaf Studies and Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology

Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology (SPPA) is a screened major; students wanting to combine it with the DFST major need to complete the pre-major requirements (PSPA) for the Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology major and then apply for full admission into SPPA. Because the requirements of the SPPA major are relatively fixed, students are encouraged to make the decision to complete the combined DFST-SPPA major in the freshman year. Students who delay  the start of either major will likely require additional semesters to graduate. Students who are not admitted into the SPPA major after the pre-major year can continue in DFST since it is not screened. In addition to Core Curriculum requirements, students admitted to this option must complete 100-101 units with a grade equivalent of 2.00 or higher. For more information on admission into the SPPA major, please link to the web pages for the undergraduate major in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. Students must separately declare both majors within the department and meet with program advisors from each major.

Recommended Program of Study (100 - 101 units)

The following is a suggested program of study for the DFST-SPPA major that lists all required courses. Because many of these courses are only offered one semester each year, students must plan their program of study carefully. Courses that fulfill General Education requirements are listed with an asterisk.

Freshman (PSPA Pre-major Year)
Fall BIOL 190 Biology for Health Science Majors  (or BIOL 201) (4) *
Fall ENGL 102 Writing for a Liberal Education (or ENGL 190) (3) *
Fall DFST 104 American Sign Language I (3) *
Fall or Spring SPPA 101 Introto Human Communication and Disorders (3)
Fall or Spring DFST 101 Introduction to Deaf Culture (3) *
Fall or Spring PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology (or PSYC 102) (3) *
Fall or Spring SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology (or SOCI 102) (3)*
Fall or Spring MATH 111 Algebra for Applications (3) (or MATH 109 (3) or MATH 115 (3), or MATH 119 (4)) *
Spring DFST 105 American Sign Language II (3) *


Sophomore Year (for those accepted into the SPPA major)
Fall SPPA 215 Language Development in Children (3)
Fall SPPA 210 Phonetics of American English (3)
Fall BIOL 221 +221L

Anatomy and Physiology I (3)

A&P Lab Component (1)

Fall DFST 204 American Sign Language III(3)
Fall SPPA 303 Hearing Science (3)
Spring DFST 205 American Sign Language IV (3)
Spring SPPA 200 Anat and Physiol of Auditory & Vocal Mechanism (3)
Spring PSYC 212 Behavioral Statistics (4)
Spring SPPA 302 Articulation and Phonological Disorders (3)


Junior Year (for those accepted into the SPPA major)
Fall SPPA 321 Introduction to Audiology (3)
Fall SPPA 313 Speech Science (3)
Fall DFST 304 American Sign Language V (3)
Fall SPPA 304 Language Disorders in Children (3)
Fall DFST 308 Fingerspelling and Numbers (3)
Spring SPPA 325 ntroduction to Aural Rehabilitation (3)
Spring SPPA 416 Clinical Observation and Techniques (3)
Spring DFST 345 Deaf Culture (3)
Spring CHEM 105 Category B SPPA Science Requirement (4) or PHYS 202 (4) or PHYS 211 (4)


Senior Year (for those accepted into the SPPA major)
Fall DFST 410 Internship in Deaf Studies (3)
Fall DFST 430 Linguistics of American Sign Language (3)
Fall or Spring SPPA 417 Research Writing in Communication Disorders (3)
Fall or Spring PSYC 205 Introduction to Helping Relationships (3)
SPPA 306 Neur Func Dis Sp Lang or 341 in Spr (3)
Spring SPPA 341 Clinical Audiology or 306 in Fall (3)


Recommended Electives (None Required)
SPPA 487 Clinical Practicum (3)
DFST 309 Introduction to Deaf Blind (3)
ENGL 251 Applied Grammar (3)

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