April 12, 2013
Pep Band Performs at Destination Towson
Time: 9:15 AM

Location: West Village Commons AND University Union
Description: This morning performance is for Destination Towson. A "fair" type of event for high school seniors deciding whether, or not, to attend TU. 9:15 AM - Report to University Union, Potomac Lounge 9:55 am to 10:05 am - Perform for the high school students. Drum set and bass amp should be set up at this location in the Potomac Lounge. THEN - walk to the West Village Commons Ballrooms 11:05 am to 11:15 AM - Perform for the parents of the high school students attending the days events. Here we will use marching snare, tenors, BD, and cymbals. We'll play Eye of the Tiger and the fight-song. 11:20 am - you're finished for the day. During the afternoon - we will have a "meet and greet" table at the expo for those in attendance for the day. Please stop by for awhile!

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