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Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society

Start earning TriBeta points TODAY! Attend your first meeting or event and start accumulating points now!

Point System

Activity Points Earned
Attend Meeting

5 points

-We want to see you at events!!
Donate to Fundraisers 10 points
Work Fundraisers 15 points

Attend Philanthropy event

  -e.g. Relay, Race, etc.
15-30 points [depending upon length of the event]

Community service

  -e.g. Weatherization Day, Adopt a campus, etc

20 points
Attend Social Event 10  points

Attend an approved Seminar or Faculty Candidate Q&A sessions

(IMPORTANT: you must stay the entire Seminar and have a faculty member email BBB to verify your presence!)

10 points

Help to organize an event (non-officer)  5-20 points

Recruit new Member

(Notice: your name must be written next to "Friend" on their application for it to count)

10 points

Attend induction ceremony in support of new members (must stay for entire ceremony to receive points= about 1hour)

 20 points




What is the reason for the point system?

  • The point system was implemented to encourage participation, not as a punishment! We want to see you involved in BBB! You will have fun, we promise!

How do I get points?

  • You can see the breakdown of the point system above (these points are subject to changes). You MUST sign in at events/meetings in order to ensure your points!

Why do need to earn points?

  • In order to receive your honor cords for graduation, Active Members must earn 50 points (cumulative) before graduation.
    • NOTE: There is an Honors Cord Night held to pick up your cords before graduation, however, if you cannot make it to this.YOU are responsible for scheduling a time BEFORE the end of the semester!
  • Associate Members must earn 20 points to be promoted to active member. Each person is responsible for notifying the president at the events to receive points.

When can I start obtaining points?

  • As soon as you attend your FIRST event/meeting!!! No need to wait until inductions!

How Do I Know How Many Points I Have?

  • We use the gradebook tool on our Blackboard site to log your points. You should be able to see which events and meetings you have earned points for and how many. Remember, you are required to notify the president if you deserve points.
  • If your name is not on it, or you think that you deserve points for something that you did not receive credit for, please contact us at




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