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Chris Oufiero

Assistant Professor

Office:   Smith Hall, Room No. 253
Phone:   410-704-3743
Fax:   410-704-2405
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Research Interests:

I am broadly interested in evolutionary physiology and functional morphology. My research can be divided into three general areas: 1) The consequences of sexual selection on functional traits (such as the effect of exaggerated morphologies on locomotion in Xiphophorus), integrating sexual selection, physiology, behavior and phylogenetic comparative methods; 2) Diversity and trade-offs in functional traits such as swimming and feeding performance; 3) The effects of climate variability on morphology and physiology, particularly in ectotherms, incorporating a phylogenetic comparative approach. I use a variety of techniques and methods, and have investigated these topics in a variety of organisms, focusing on teleosts and squamates, but have also collaborated on projects working on other taxa such as mammals, arachnids and squid.

Recent Publications:

Oufiero, C.E., R.A. Holzman, F.A. Young and P.C. Wainwright. 2012. New insights from serranid fishes on the role of trade-offs in suction feeding diversification. The Journal of Experimental Biology 215:3845-3855.

Van Sant, M. J., C.E. Oufiero, A. Muñoz-Garcia, K.A. Hammond and J.B. Williams. 2012. A phylogenetic approach to total evaporative water loss in mammals. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 85: 526-532.

Oufiero, C.E., K. Jugo, P. Tran and T. Garland, Jr. 2012. As the sword grows: individual variation and ontogenetic effects of a sexually selected trait on locomotor performance in Xiphophorus hellerii. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 85:684-93.

Oufiero, C.E., G.E.A. Gartner, S.C. Adolph, and T. Garland Jr. 2011. Latitudinal and climatic variation in scale counts and body size in Sceloporus lizards: a phylogenetic perspective. Evolution. 65:3590-3607 (Cover)




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