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Colleen Winters

Associate Professor

Office:   Smith Hall, Room No. 215A
Phone:   410-704-3124
Fax:   410-704-2405


Firstname Lastname, Ph.D.

Research Interest:

Current projects include analyzing genetic structure of terrestrial snail, Ventridens ligera, population in the Potomac River basin to determine the effect of flow on genetic diversity and a morphological/genetic study of Ventridens species.


Recent Publications:

Winters, C. 2014. Upstream or downstream? Land snail, Ventridens ligera (Say, 1821) population structure in the Potomac River drainage basin. Journal of Molluscan Studies. 80:280-285.

Sinclair, C.S., Dawes, P.J., and Seigel, R.A. 2010. Genetic structuring of Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) populations on the Kennedy Space Center, Florida. Herpetological Conservation and Biology 5:189-195.

Sinclair, C. S. 2010. Surfing snails: Population genetics of land snail, Ventridens ligera (Stylommatophora: Zonitidae), in the Potomac Gorge. American Malacological Bulletin 28:105-112.

Dawes, P. J., Sinclair, C. S., & Seigel, R. A. 2008. Use of traditional turtle marking to obtain DNA for population studies. Herpetological Review 39:190-191.





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