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Erik Silldorff


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Firstname Lastname, Ph.D.

Research Interests:

My research interests are in the field of renal (kidney) and cardiovascular physiology; specifically hormonal control of capillary blood flow in the mammalian kidney. Studies examine the contractile characteristics of the kidney microcirculation, specifically the descending vasa recta (a particular capillary network), to determine the potential for regulation of total and regional renal blood flow. Focus is on the effects and interactions of molecules acting in a paracrine or autocrine (local) manner within the cortex (outer region) and medulla (inner region) of the kidney. These blood flow studies provide information about the regulation of the urine concentrating mechanism, blood pressure control, and pathological conditions such as acute ischemic renal failure. Techniques utilized include in vitro microperfusion and videomicroscopy for the measurement of blood vessel contractility as well as fluorescent imaging and photometry for the measurement of cellular signaling events. Fluorescent microscopy allows measurement of changes in intracellular calcium and nitric oxide production, two important mediators of changes in vascular tone. Recently we have added laser-Doppler flowmetry to our tools. This technique allows real-time measurement of regional renal blood flows in the whole animal in response to hormonal stimulation.

Recent Publications:

Lee-Kwon, W., Goo, J.H., Zhang, Z., Silldorff, E.P., & Pallone, T.L., 2007. Vasa recta voltage gated Na+ channel NaV1.3 is regulated by calmodulin. The American Journal of Physiology 292:F404-F414.

Zhang, Q., Cao, C., Mangano, M.*, Zhang, Z., Silldorff, E.P., Lee-Kwon, W., Payne, K. & Pallone, T.L. 2006. Descending Vasa Recta Endothelium is an Electrical Syncytium. The American Journal of Physiology 291:R1688-R1699.

Cao, C., Lee-Kwon, W., Silldorff, E.P., & Pallone, T.L. 2005. KATP Channel Conductance of Descending Vasa Recta Pericytes. American Journal of Physiology 289:F1235-F1245.




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