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Harald Beck

Associate Professor

Office:   Smith Hall, Room No. 251
Phone:   410-704-3123
Fax:   410-704-2405

Harald Beck

Research Interests:

My research interests include mammal-plant interaction, multi trophic-level interactions, and ecosystem engineering in temperate and tropical ecosystems. Recently, my research focuses on the effects of hyper-abundance of ungulates in the northern hemisphere and defaunation of ungulates in the southern hemisphere. My study sites are located within the Peruvian Amazonas and forests in Maryland.

Recent Publications

Pardonnet, S., H. Beck, P. Milberg, and K-O. Bergman 2013. Effect of tree-fall gaps on fruit-feeding Nymphalid butterfly assemblages in a Peruvian rain forest. Biotropica 45:612–619.

Beck, H., J. Snodgrass and P. Thebpanya 2013. Long-term exclosure of large terrestrial vertebrates: Implications of defaunation for seedling demographics in the Amazon rainforest. Biological Conservation 163:115–121.

Bressette, J. and H. Beck 2013. The effects of high deer density on forest regeneration and carbon sequestration. Environmental Research Journal 1:1-12.

Bressette, J., H. Beck and V. Beauchamp. 2012. Beyond the browse line: Complex cascade effects mediated by white-tailed deer. Oikos 121:1749–1760.





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